Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Same place, Different day.... NEVER gets old

If you are sick of our skiing picture, sorry.  Well not really.... For real we haven't skied this much as long as we can remember.  Words and blog posts don't appropriately describe Last Chance Lakes.  But, at least we can try.  It's about a 45 minute drive straight down Lehi main until you almost arrive at Vernon.  Last Chance Lakes is manmade with a natural spring that constantly feeds it water each day.  There are a small handful of owners who each have a lot. Each owner has a boathouse.  You have a nice patio area with a large storage closet and roof to hang out on and sunbathe.  The boats are secure in their respective boathouses so you show up and just lower the boat into the water off it's hydraulic lift that keeps it out of water while away.  So you are literally skiing in minutes.  Then when done you lift it back up, wash it, get in the car and head back home. The Lake has two slalom courses so two skiers can be on the lake at once.  The shore is engineered so the waves go up but don't come back into the water.  The lake is a U shape so you don't get wakes from other boats.  So you only hit bumps at the turn when you go over your own wake.  One of the lakes has two islands you drive around on each end and when you hit the course again you are back on glass.  :)  And did I mention the water is pretty much crystal clear with Sand on the beaches.  Oh yeah...last night, we were the only ones there.  :) :)

Farrah skiied her last run at 9:15 pm.  Stadium lighting is only about a month away up there which will allow you to ski all night if you wish.  

Evan couldn't get enough.  He was the first to ski and immediately asked to go again when he finished.  So, after a few adults, Evan was off skiing once again.  Before that he had to get a boathouse jump in.  The picture doesn't show how high up it is.  The roof is probably 12-15 feet high and he loves to jump off all by himself.  At the end of the second video you can see the neighbor's boathouse and see the height. 

P.S. I think we have only posted video like one other time so if it doesn't work, just enjoy the photos.

Still skiing way after sunset.  Unreal!!!!
 Farrah is a REALLY good skier.  Like, way good.  She can get all 6 green buoys.  That is very good considering that Shawn can only get 2 of the 6 orange ones.  He'll get them all soon enough.  Farrah is a treat to watch ski.
 More FARRAH!!!

 Here is Shawn on his last ride around 9pm.  Water like this makes a hissing sound as you ski.  Zero chop, just pure glass.
 Oh...and Maya.  Trying to help Shawn get his butt back into shape before season comes around.
 A tongue that will lick you right out of your shoes.  :)

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