Monday, July 08, 2013

American Fork Rec...

This is where its at for this lil rascal!  Only thing he is afraid of...deep water!
So this is water heaven for him and all the little ones.
Love him. 
The one and only.
bathing beauty herself!
Always appreciate her company!

Two little soon-to-be 3rd graders just playing house with 2 real babes.
I still remember that was the grade I had my first real crush.

Heart breaker.
My boy =

Rachel looking ever so hot after only 3 months of delivering that precious lil gem in her arms.
And one of the funniest ladies I know...Amber.  A real joy to laugh with:)

The McCune family joined us.
What a pleasure.
I apologize for catching y'all in the lunch zone...
but it aint no thang when you can rock what ya got after SIX kids:)

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