Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My apologies Evy boy

So, I know many of you have heard me say that when I first saw Evan, aside from the heart-melt of having my precious angel from above in my arms, he just didn't quite Rae:) He was really small, so all I really remember was thinking...well, he's got the Hofheins nose. It looked pretty large considering his tiny little face. But, I must have forgotten or maybe my mind has worped somewhat over the past year since I gave birth to him because I keep telling people he wasn't the cutest newborn...I know that may sound mean being his own mom...but I keep it real ok:) Of course I thought he was the cutest thing in the whole wide world...anyway...hope you get the point. I am watching Al and Kobie for my mom today, and they decided to take a nap with Rae so all the kids were down and I got sucked into my own blog. I went all the way down to my first post and that is why I am posting now with my apologies to Ev. I saw his newborn pics...and he really is SOOOO precious AND cute...cute as ever. Post pregnancy left me with a different picture in my mind when I try to remember him as a newborn. Our computer with all our pictures of him this little got destroyed so I downloaded a few from previous posts onto my computer now. Anyway...sorry Ev. You are the most beautiful boy now...and you were when you were born too. I added some of Rae too. Love those chubby cheeks!

Monday, June 09, 2008

reunion cont'd

Family Reunion

Last week all of Shawn's mom's side got together for a day of fun and games. We spent a few hours up Provo Canyon enjoying BBQ hotdogs, baked beans, cookies (0f course I list the food first), as well as some kick-ball, your annual 3-legged race, and more 'family reunion' games. It was great. If was fun to be outside and hang out with all the Olmsteads. What a family! I love them like my own. Every now and then I feel right at home with the craziness and hilarious talk (Rick...we know you love it:). Anyone that knows my family knows that you can't beat the crazy dinner talk at my house...but I have to say the Olmsteads make me feel right at home! I love you guys and it was so much fun to see all of you! Can't wait for HAWAII!
Rick...gotta say your the best-lookin' over 60 yr old out there:) Love ya bud!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Evan!

Thank you to all who could come to our little party for my honkin one year old. It means a lot to have you celebrate with us so thanks! After Evan was born, and after the first few months, I told myself I was going to space my next baby out more than I did with Rae and Evan. Now, after my baby's first birthday...I'm not sure what to do. He is growing so fast! Last night I was in his room staring at him while he peacefully slept and was amazed at how LARGE he is now. Now I remember why I wanted to be pregnant again when Rae was just 14 months. I'm so happy I did too. Evan has been SO wonderful. I honestly wish I could freeze him right now. His personality is the best. He loves to show off and definitely knows when all eyes are on him. He says uh-oh, but yes, he's made his daddy proud with his first word being 'kaya' (our dog). Speaking of dog, he loves Kaya. He pets her like I gentle. He absolutely worships his big sis. He loves cell phones and uses them correctly by putting them to his shoulder just under his ear and jabbers on and on. He lights up our lives like I never thought possible. He brings a certain joy into our home that is undescribable. He has such a sweet and tender spirit...he has since the day he was born. I love watching him and Raegan interact as brother and sister, and that brings the greatest joy of all. I love my kids and am so grateful I am able to stay home with them and love them unconditionally. Ev...happy birthday 'bubba boy' (as Rae would say)! We love you forever and ever!