Sunday, June 30, 2013


Oh Wesly.  That smile.  Wow.  For the past 6 months I have been justifying your fussiness as teething.  Teething it is not.  Your just needy:)  Fussy because you want out of that helpless state.  You want to crawl.  Desperately.  Or maybe I so desperately want you to crawl.  For some reason, I feel like it will solve all your issues.  You are so happy in this chair...for about 5 minutes.  And then I move you to your next station...for about 5 minutes.  Busy.  Busy.  Busy.
But what keeps me goin...
Look at that smile.
Beautiful girl.

Although, you are teething now.  Finally one poked through...and now waiting for that second one that is just oh so close.  Bless your little soul.  So NOW I can say your fussiness is due to teething:)
And honestly it wasn't until I went to Florida that it dawned on me that you were one busy, wiggly, needy little thang.
I think with the hustle and bustle at home, which happens to be a place of no relaxation, I didn't notice much.
Other than being exhausted, I just hold you on my hip, set you down for a few, pick you back up, set you down for a bit, pick you back up, etc.
But then when I go somewhere with you and for some reason I expect to said, Uh Uh... NO WAY!
Wiggly, busy, or not - I love you with all of my whole heart and more.
I love your giggle you give out only to those who work real hard to get it out of you.
I love your tight chubby little hands and feet.
I love to watch you play with your toes...your toy of choice.
I love to watch you roll back and forth with excitement.
I love the way you flail your arms and kick your legs and squeal with pure joy at the sight of your baba.
I love the way you cuddle me, wide awake.
Im obsessed with your little shoulders.  Random but I love.
I love that you will fall asleep on me anywhere.  Anytime.
 I love your little chatter.
I love that you love your brother and sisters so much.
I love you Wesly Wesles.  With all my whole heart.

This is one of many activities that we do to keep quiet and entertained.
Sunday's are awesome:)
I keep telling myself that hoping they will be someday!
Thought this was a picture to capture and treasure.

Evan was really interested in coloring...
his one little flower,,.
before something bigger and better caught his attention...

The TV.
A blessing if my girls watch ONE show.
A curse cause my boy can watch it ALL DAY LONG.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last Chance Lake...

So...I have this friend who happens to live behind me,
who owns a lot on this private lake.
She called me at 3:30 yesterday and asked if we were up for a little lake trip...
leaving in an hour!
We called dad.  He ran home.  And off we went.

This was the first run...and if only Shawns battery didn't die,
the second run was glass.
Like, 5:30am lake powell glass.
But this isn't 5 hrs away.  It was a quick 40 minutes.  Boat just needed to be lowered into the water...
and off we went.
Seriously, a skiers dream.
Here is Shawn.
What a spray:)

Wha?!  Is that me out there?

I had perma-grin the whole time.
Felt like a giddy school girl.
It was so fun.
The lake has a course on it.  Never have done a course.  But I did here.  Its addicting.
You start out going through 2 buoy's (sp?),
and then off to the races.
You weave from side to side weaving through the green buoy's.  You can see the orange one just to the side of me.  Those are for the real skiers to hit.  By the end, I was able to weave through all six of the green.
It was a blast.

Look at that backdrop.
It was beautiful.

Raegan and Evan both skied,
and woke up this morning begging to go again.

What a little guy.
It was so great to see them out there,
just little humans standing on the water.

They tubed also.
Mayci went solo too.  She aint scared.
Then Evan asked to ski again.
Hence the dark night sky...we didn't leave the lake till 10:00pm!

I love that they love what we love.
A boat is definitely in the future plans for the Olmsteads.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


I have a scanner...and I didn't even know it:)
Here is a golden treasure.  Best buds.
Im pretty sure thats Evan...
with long hair...
and a bathing suit on!

There's the crew.
Wish I was still that bright eyed and bushy tailed in the mornings:)
Please notice...
the creepy elf in the window seal.

Good ol' days for sure.

Bug.  You are a friend for life.
Two of my faves captured here:
1- Bug
2- Playing in the rain!

What a fun memory!
Truly, best 5 years ever!
Made best friends...
and met my soulmate.

Who woulda guessed he'd be coaching now...
where these shots were taken.


True love...

Guess if Shawn is anything
He's a real man's man.
Next post will be a frikken boar head in his hands.
What the ---??
I like the fish:)

That was fun.
Never knew my printer was also a scanner,
just like I thought LOL was Lots Of Love:)
More pics to come.
Hold on everyone...
you may be a victim!

Guess who?!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wanna mess?!
Dare ya!

Sweet hawk Shawn.

Always a party when its time for haircuts with this gal.  Not sure why all these pics are stretched,
but have to post Shawns daring move to get a mohawk.  Lasted 2 days:)

TuTu' that how you spell it?!

Mayci participated in the Stake Talent Show last week.
This is her get-up.
Probably the cutest thing I have ever seen.
They called and asked if she would do it cause they didn't have enough dancers her age.
I agreed and so happy I did.
Raegan wouldn't be caught dead doing something like this by herself onstage,
so this was a first.  And it was so fun.

More Sliding Rock...

Love the fear Evan has all over his face...
But even more than that...
I LOVE Jeffs enthusiasm and determination he has to get a good shot with his gopro just above them on the rocks.
Awesome! And I wanna see that shot:)

Another amazing shot of the photographer above.
Love it!


Summer has begun...and it is in SESSION!  We have not stopped!
Proof of the madness is this...
kids have all slept past 8am every.single.morning...
for the last 2 WEEKS!
Its amazing.
The picture above is Evan going SOLO down sliding rock.
Sliding rock is a natural waterside in Alpine that I visited often in high school.
Kids absolutely loved it.  It was about a mile to hike to it and the terrain is a bit rugged at the slide, so much so that Mayci sat in the same spot and didn't move a muscle the whole time.
But even she, sitting there, was thoroughly entertained.
How could you not be...
look at that face on Evan.
Shawns face is icing on the cake.!  He was a proud daddy seein' his boy be so brave.

Golf with dad.
Lets just keep the caption at that so as not to make Uncle Scott angry:)

Sliding Rock.
Uncle Scott manned the bottom...
Uncle Shawn manned the top.
Amazing night had by all!

Raegan has picked up a new hobby...full swing.
And according to her proud papa,
she is pretty good at it.
Makes me a bit nervous, but it is fun to watch her go.
If only we lived by the beach...she was truly born to be a surfer girl.
This is as close as she will get...and it'll have to do:)

Sliding Rock.
All the kiddos...
plus Aunt Karalee:)  She's a stud trekking around with the little treat on her back.

Sliding Rock.
These pics came from Shawns phone to my email.
This one came out a bit skee-wompas.
Cute nonetheless:)

This is just the tip of the ol' iceberg.
Let me include in the list of amazingness so far:
Tennis.  Dodgeball.  Gramma's pool.  Springville splashpad.
Countless T'sunami's (amazing shaved ice) Swiss Almond Coco with cream please!
BBQ's.  Sprinklers.  Water balloon fights. Friends.  Cousins.
Longboard rides.  Bike rides.  Neighborhood Volleyball.  Late late nights.  And more.

Bucketlist for the summer:
Cant think.
Something fun.

I wanna camp:)

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Instead of a nanny...get me a photographer!

This is the only shot of Raegan in her very last rainy game.  I wish I was better with my camera...
Im just not these days.  Just one more thing to carry and pack and remember:)
It seemed every game was cold, windy, or wet this spring.  Either way, Rae got out there and did her thing.
We will try volleyball this fall:)
Just not sure the "contact sports" are her thing.  Much like her dad I guess.
Who woulda thought my little Rae wouldn't want to claw her way through everyone to get a piece of that ball?!
She enjoyed her new friends she made on the team, and LOVED playing eenie-meenie-mynee-moe on the sidelines with her little teammates:)
She's so hilariously unpredictable...I love her to death.
We will see what volleyball brings.
I know it brings a nice, consistent atmosphere for me:)
What a flippin' stud.  Seriously.  Everything about this boy makes me laugh.
Here he is as proud as can be here...
graduating Kindergarten.
He had an amazing teacher...and made some awesome friends.
Good job Evan buddy.
I love you oh so very much.

PS.  Evan played soccer too this last spring
PPS.  Didn't get a single picture of it
PPSS.  I suck
PPSS. Evan rocked, and went after it this year.  A little less 'airplane' and a lot more ball.
He was so fun to watch...and he happened to get on the same team as his best little buddy.  Fall soccer is on for this guy!
I love you.
And I love to squeeze your little calf muscles!  Lucky gal.

And this here...
although a bit blurry,
is my favorite.
I love more than anything, and always have, gettin' my kids up from their naps.
They are happy,
and this one is hungry.
She attacks me.
Nuzzles her chubs into my neck,
and tries to eat my shoulder.
As you can see, my shoulder is glistening with her slobber.
I love it.