Thursday, April 30, 2009


Rae and Dad taking self portraits while out recruiting=Priceless

Monday, April 27, 2009

'Little Bother'

So, the other day, as I was doing things around the house I was listening to the cute little show Rae loves...'Max and Ruby'. Ruby (big sis) was really annoyed with her little brother, Max. Throughout the whole show she would refer to her little brother as 'little bother', and she was trying to find things to do that her 'little bother' couldn't interfere with. I guess it hit pretty close to home and that may be why I was listening and laughing. A few days later, it hit really close to home. Rae hurt Evan, and I asked her what she did to him. She wouldn't tell me, so I promised her that she wouldn't have to sit on time out if she would tell me the truth. She ended up telling me, and I punished her by not allowing her to play with the toy they were fighting over (not time-out right). Well, she walked out the room quite distraught, and I found her laying on the couch so sad. I went and sat down by her and this is how the conversation went:

Mom: Rae, whats goin on?

Rae: I just hate it when you always get mad at me!

Mom: Well, Rae, it does make me mad AND sad when you hurt your little brother. He's your little brother and he loves you very much.

Rae: I just don't like my little brother. I only like girl babies.

Mom: Well, do you not like Lennon then (Lennon is Rachel's baby whom she is absolutely obsessed with)

Rae: Yea, cause he's a boy

Mom: Oh, well then, next baby I have I'll try to make it a girl...ok.

Rae: Well, then will you just give him (pointing to Evan) then.

Mom: (laughing now) NO...we can't give him away...he's our little brother!

Oh, wow. I was laughing so hard when she oh so cleverly thought of just giving little Ev away to make room for her true girls. What a little 4 year old mind gives...lots of laughs...thats for sure. And I have to say, she really wasn't remorseful at all about giving up her little brother. So, Laci, are you ready to take in number 5, cause your the one Raegan picks to overtake our little Ev:)

Anyways, hopefully this next little baby we are expecting...YES, ITS a little baby girl for Raegans sake:) And this is my official announcement. Im only going off a pregnancy test at this point, so I'm obviously not too far along, but the family knows, so I mine-as-well put it out there for everyone's sake. I'm not getting fat...or maybe I am...I already have a belly so I thought I would save you all the worst predicament ever...asking someone if they are pregnant. I AM! We are super excited and I will probably see the doc in the next few once I hear the heartbeat...Ill let ya'll know! Just thought of posting that funny story, and the announcement only compliments it:)

Friday, April 17, 2009

I think I can...I think I can...

Here is little Ev boy trying with all his might to give his big sis a ride like she gave to him. He pushed and pushed with all he had and moved her about a half a foot before he said, 'my turn rae rae'. Nice try Ev, you gave quite the effort buddy.

And here is the highlight of my life...truly. When I saw Raegan strolling in pushing this little bundle in the laundry hamper...I about died. She and Ev were P.L.A.Y.I.N.G! What! I knew it was going to start somewhere, and there are bits and pieces here and there, but here they were really playing, inventing, creating, and having a lot of fun together. It was a beautiful moment:) Rae got a few pillows from our bed and made her 'baby' (Evan) a cozy bed in the hamper, stuck him in, covered him up, and began pushing him around the house. He layed there still as a rock. It was hilarious, and wonderful.

Warning: Farrah's thought content below. You know it can be
dangerous...but this one isn't, just long:)

And with that, it leads me to my next thought. So the other day, Shawn and I were both getting ready. He was off to work and I was off to the library with the kids. They do the most adorable programs there with the kids, and because it was a BLIZZARD (yes, it is April) out side, it was perfect. Anyway, I was struck with a grateful heart for what I get to do each and every day. Here Shawn is going to work, but I...I get to go participate in the greatest joy of life...watching my kids have fun, smile, laugh, play, interact, learn, grow up...and I get to watch it all. Yes, there are rough days and sometimes just rough moments throughout the day, but I take it with ease rather than a real day job. I'm so lucky and blessed I get to spend each and every waking moment with my two precious miracles. They bring me more happiness and joy than I could ever have imagined. I don't have the capability to even describe the unconditional love I have for them. Someone, recently, asked me if I was going to have more kids and when I replied, 'of course', they looked at me with an overwhelming eye of concern. I said, 'ya know, Ive come to realize that there is nothing more or nothing better in life than my why would I stop the joy there'. I only post these feelings because I think I have come a long way. Unfortunately, when I had Raegan, I had a rough adjustment. I felt like my life was being interrupted, that's the best way I can put it. But...I wonder now, sometimes, how I could have ever felt that way. Perhaps its normal, and perhaps this process is necessary, but its beautiful. I love these small but significant pieces of insight...thought...revelation...if you will.


What a beautiful day Easter was! The day before was so nasty, so it was splendid to enjoy the sun on such a special day. We had a great day too. We went to church, that was after the kids saw what the Easter bunny left them in their baskets. It was so cute...Rae was so excited as she was sifting through her basket she looked up at me and said, 'mom, the Easter bunny is GOOD!' I laughed. I guess the bunny knew just what to get:) When we got home from church, we all took our Sunday naps...mmm...their are some joys in life that don't measure up to others and boy do I cherish those Sunday naps! Once we were up and alive, dad took the kids to the office to get something he needed while I stayed home and whipped up Shawn's FAVE lately...homemade chicken noodle soup. I had to stay and help the Easter bunny hide some eggs too. So...when the kids got home, Rae ran inside and asked if the bunny brought some eggs. We looked out the front window and spotted a few eggs. Another funny comment from Rae...'Geez, mom, the bunny is so sneaky.' So out they went and had fun finding the eggs. Evan was slower than Rae but it payed off, I think he got more than her:) Becca came down for dinner since my parents were gone on vacation to Hawaii and brought my bike with her. After dinner we went on a bike ride with the kids in the trailer behind me and Shawn on his long board. We rode to the park, came home, and went to bed! It was a great day with the family! Late that night, Shawn showed me the last talk Bruce R. McKonkie gave about the life of Christ. He mentioned numerous times that this was and has been his favorite talk. It was beautiful and really hits you square in the heart. It stirred my emotions and really gave me a fresh appreciation and love for our Savior and the true sacrifice He made on OUR behalf. Happy Easter!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Can't sleep

so here I am blogging. I just finished work, yes, at midnight, but ya gotta fit it in somewhere right. Anyway, I know I'm going to have a difficult time sleeping for many reason, but one being that I have been staring at the computer with my brain being teased the last 2 hours, and another being I am alone tonight. It's been a while since I have blogged about the family. I have been meaning to for a while, but like I always say, it seems like my work sucks out all of my desire to do anything else on the computer. We were able to spend time in California with Shawn's family while he was gone to Brazil. IT WAS GREAT! It was just a nice get-a-way from all of my daily chores and routines and mostly, a great change of scenery. We walked to the beach every morning either with Rick or Trudy or just us and Kaya. We mostly took it easy. We got to see Cole most nights and hang out with her...which was fabulous! Carlina went well out of her way to entertain me and the kids, and she also introduced us to some very neat treats...corn ball delight...chocolate covered favorite DE-caf vanilla latte....MMMMMMMMM! I have been meaning to thank you all for the kind efforts in keeping us entertained, but mostly for your company. Love you all...Rick, Trudy, Cole, Carlina, and yes, Kaya! As for the pics...they are just random, but recent. We shaved Ev's head, and I love it. Some of the pictures include my niece and nephew who my kids adore. Brecklyn is Rae's idol. She is 4, and I'm tellin ya, Raegan can't turn 4 soon enough. Everything she does through out the day is always trailed by the question: 'mom, can brecklyn do that?' OR 'mom, does brecklyn pinch her little brother?' OR 'mom, does brecklyn sleep in her own bed?' Just a few I hear A L L T H E T I M E! I'll thank Brecklyn later on in life for being the means to much of Raegans success:) Evan is absolutely adorable. Every thing he does is cute. He is talking in full sentances and loves to put me through the guilt grinder already. If I raise my voice and even attempt any sort of stern action, he gets so hurt and says, 'sorry momma'. Oh boy, this kid has me tied right around his little chubby fat sausage finger. I'm trying time-out with him, and it only took once for him to hate it. I was stern with him and told him to stay there, but he came running with big huge crocodile tears and I gave in. But, now anytime he isn't minding, all I have to say is...'you want to sit on time out?' and he says 'no' and I say 'ok, then be nice' and he says 'k you too momma'. What! We really had that exact dialogue tonight and I laughed out loud. LOVE HIM...and love this novel. Congrats to anyone who made it this far!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Please Congratulate....

the assistant coach of the year! Last night we attended the annual 'Y Awards' and much to my surprise, and Shawn's, he won the title. What an honor! We were just chatting away in the very last row of seats, not paying much attention. Then they began giving Shawn's description, and with a few familiar words, Shawn started listening, and then I did, and then his name was announced and he was invited to the stand to give a speech...if you will. He literally threw his gum at me and then took the stand. He did a really good job, considering the shock and un-expectation, as well as the crowd that consisted of every athlete at BYU, all the athletic administration, every head and assistant coach, spouses, and so forth. Anyway, he is going to be mad that I posted this, but it's quite an accomplishment. It's earned through votes from the whole athletic dept and players! Congrats Shawn. We are very proud of you and are so grateful to have a father/husband that takes his duty as a provider seriously. You work so hard and love what you do so much that you make supporting you not too difficult. LOVE you...Happy Anniversary too!