Monday, July 08, 2013

Bear Lake BARF!

We left Thursday.  Chilled Thursday night.  Had a sleepless night trying to figure out A/C and getting Wesly used to her new bed for the next few nights:)

Shawn and B took the kids to Pickleville Playhouse on Friday afternoon and loved it.  Bezus said it was better than a really good movie.  Its hard to convince people that this play rocks!!!  But once you experience it, its a definite regular if you're in Bear Lake during Pickleville season.

After the play, we headed to the pool.  We were enjoying the beautiful weather, but had to send Rae back to the cabin with a tummy ache.

And thats where it all began...

Raegan went down.
Then I went down.
Then Rachel.
Then Lennon.

Intense Flu.  I think the "July Flu" is worse than the expected winter flu.


Saturday was an exhausting day after being up all night puking my brains out, 
but still managed to get some miniature golf in and a little beach time with the kids.
I actually had to lie down in the shade of a tree, and as I lay there I wondered when it was that I last lay down in the grass under a tree on a beautiful, slightly breezy day...with the branches bustling through the breeze and the water hitting the shore in the distance...
It was glorious, despite feeling fatigued;)

And because our vacation was interrupted with the flu bug...

the following pictures is what Sunday consisted of.

And yes, I buckled Mayci in a lifejacket for fear we would be cursed.  It was actually a tough one to explain when the kids clarified that it was Sunday.  We don't swim on Sunday.
We explained to them that we were just taking a really long, fun, bath...
in the lake:)

For Sure.

Oh My Goodness,
Look what we have here...

A fish.
Belly up.
Didn't quite make it from the lake to the bucket.

This picture here captures a few goods things:
1) Proof that little old Mayci really was strapped in a big ol life jacket.  I was literally afraid.
2) Evan representing the holiday weekend in his red, white, and blue.
3) The beautiful landscape
4) Evan pointing to his tooth gone missing like 4 years now.  Hence the nickname 'tooth'.
1+2+3+4 = awesome picture.

This girl.
Take away her screechy whine,
and she is perfect.
I love her.  And a huge part of me feels so bad for her.  I know she has struggled in trying to adjust to this ripe new age of 3 all while adjusting to a new baby sister...that seems to take mom away from her A LOT.
Its tough to get angry with this one...when I know in my heart that 90% of what she does "naughty" is to get my attention.
But my attention she has here, as I play peek-a-boo with her...
while holding Wesly of course.
She will take what she can get.
I love you for that my Mayci girl.

She takes on the big, bad paddle board with ease. want me to paddle in.
No prob.
She's awesome.
I love watching her find happiness in just about anything that makes her happy.
Been my goal in life since the day she was born.
And adventure seems to make this girl smile.
Couldn't be more thrilled.

Evans turn.

Rae was just supposed to push them off.
Dad didn't know she hopped on.
Pretty funny to watch him struggle to balance.

This here is when he realized Rae was on board.
Dads the bomb.
It was so nice to have him there with us.
I have to say...he is an amazing dad.
And a pretty good friend too:)
I like his company.  A LOT.

This is the camp.
Got the tunes rollin after we 'set-up'...
and it was quite the bath.
Best bath Ive ever had:)


Coulton and Becca Main said...

Well dang, so said I missed this trip, but not sad that I missed the puke fest. I miss you all. Mayci makes me laugh, and so does Evan. I laugh, then cry, then laugh again :) MIss you. Love you. Keep the posts a comin.

Auntie Elaine said...

You need more baths like this!! I'm so glad you could get out of Ut County but sorry about the flu! :-( I'm with Becca.....keep the posts a comin PLEASE! Hugs!

Auntie Elaine said...

Becca.....I don't see posts a comin on YOUR blog....hint hint!