Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gramma's Pool!

Smiling sisters.
One with big ol' goofy teeth.
Other with wee little ones just startin' out:)

I love you!

Jo Jo loves the pool.
Wears her right out.

Bless her.
Only child I have that will sit in a chair
and fall asleep on her lifejacket.

Good little buddies.
Two sweet sweet boys.

Raegan and one of her best little friends.
They have been attached at the hip all summer.
She is an amazing friend and a very sweet girl.
Comes from a family with 5 this gal aint got no drama:)
And her whole family is incredible.
Ive already asked her mom for all her secrets!

Two 3 year olds doing their best to hang.
But once 4pm hits, this is usually the case.
And if its not this...its a major fit.
I prefer this:)

I love you so much.
Two teefers and a buggery nose.
They go hand in hand...right?!
More to come:)

And this shot here.
Some may wonder what the big deal is.
But it truly makes my heart skip a beat.
I cannot express the obsession I have with those precious little shoulders.
This is my view when I look down at my feet and I never want to forget it.
Its too sweet.

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Auntie Elaine said...

Thanks for sharing your FUN times - I love the updates! HUGS!