Monday, July 22, 2013

Kids turn.

Your a stud!
Seriously highlight of the trip.
He took off from land, whipped around the corner, then attempted turning on his own.
Born to ski:)

Mayci...solo on the tube.
She aint afraid.

Yes, this is a screen shot from Shawns phone sent to my email and now posted on the blog.
HAD to document brother and sister bouncing around on the tube.
Its nostalgic to watch my kids do some of my all time faves.
Next on my bucket list...
May have to wait for some good choppy water up at Bear Lake.
Makes for a good tubing adventure!

1 comment:

Coulton and Becca Main said...

ill be your tubing buddy! so glad to see youre having fun farr. miss you guys like crazy. love you.