Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Farrah!!! Big 30....Good times!! Leaving California...not good times :(

What more can you say about Farrah that isn't already said? She is the best!!! A wonderful Mother, Daughter, Friend, wife, Sister, Sister-in-law..... We spent the ENTIRE day at the beach to celebrate. She had a blast paddle-boarding and tanning. I could go on and on about Farrah but you guys know how long that would take. She is a do-it-all Mother who loves her family, friends and neighbors.

I didn't upload these pictures in the correct order. Farrah decided that she would get out on the paddle-board. She has spent the week laying around and chasing the kids. Here is the end result. She did really good and only had one spill. We came down to the beach every single day we were here other than one day that we went over the mountains to the Santa Ynez River to visit the White Rock swimming hole. My family used to head up there for FHE all the time. We would pack dinner and swim the afternoon away and head back home. So many cool memories. We will upload those pictures later.

No that is not a shark. Farrah got to spend some time with the dolphins who were swimming all around her the whole time she was out there. A few got within feet and sort of freaked her out. No big deal....just another day in paradise a.k.a. Carpinteria. :)

Cool shot of Farrah and I paddling out with the islands in the distance.

Don't hate!!!....

Farrah sunning while Brion keeps the little ones occupied. He was a stud and the kids absolutely worship him. No lie. And wait until you see the family photos we took yesterday up at Toro Canyon Park. He is a phenomenal photographer and better guy. Really..!!!!

Brion and Grandma Trudy living the rough life.

Not so sure Evan is stoked to take this picture.

At the beach bright and early...

This is the bluffs in Carpinteria. We took our family photos out here last year but this year we went out there to catch lizards and see the seals.

Quick story about the lizard hanging by a noose. Our first Sunday here in Carp we went down to the bluffs to see the seal rookery. I spotted a few lizards and decided I would attempt to catch a few for Raegan. I told Farrah how we used to catch lizards all day long by tying a noose at the end of this long grass, putting it around the lizards neck and have a new lizard friend. Farrah insisted that this was not possible. You know the rest of the story. I caught two that afternoon with my problem. We went back this past Sunday and caught a few more for Raegan to have for the afternoon. (No it's not cruel. I take the noose off first thing.)

Farrah is holding the grass while I grab the lizard.

Nicole and her BFF...Oh yeah. Raegan lost her first tooth out here so the tooth fairy had to make the long trek to visit her here in California. I even heard the tooth fairy is better in Cali... :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

California LOVE....

We wanted to give everyone an update on our time here in California... You'll quickly notice that our trip has comprised of....Beach, beach, beach and great company. Weather has been unreal. The worst day was a few clouds on Sunday which meant the Seal rookery and a walk. I thought this picture was great because of a few things. 1) Every time Evan posed for a photo on his birthday he threw up a 4. 2) Raegan just had to join in but they are both so happy to share the spotlight. 3) What is up with Mayci's hair? Any help would be appreciated.
Monday started with manicures on the front lawn. Check out Evan. Can you look at his pose without laughing your head off?

Retired life for Mom and Dad is GOOD!!!! They literally walk out their front door to this. What a life!!! We can't thank them enough for hosting us and taking care of us. We don't want to leave.

Yes I know this is a weird picture but Mayci knows how to steal the show.

Mommy loves her some Mayci...

This little man is in Heaven.

What a great shot. Shawn's hometown of Carpinteria...where the mountains meet the surf...

Raegan loves the beach!!!!

Silly Raegan

Raegan loves the ocean. While Dad went off to catch a few waves of his own Raegan grabbed the board and headed out to catch some surf. She surprised us all and was catching wave after wave.

Dad had to get in on the action today. He borrowed a board from Brion and headed out to Carp Point, his old stomping ground. He had a blast and couldn't help reliving the old days. The waves were small but enjoyable. He said he hasn't had that much fun in a long time.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Evan

Shawn wasn't sure what to get Evan for his birthday. You can always get another toy that will be in the trash within a month but that gets old. Shawn has a collection of autographs that his Dad got growing up around volleyball legends. Letters from Karch Kiraly and Sinjin Smith just to name a few. When the Sports Illustrated cover below came out Shawn thought it would be cool to have Jimmer sign it for Evan. It probably won't mean much right now to Evan but we will have it framed and in his room from his Dad.

Can you think of a better place to spend your birthday? Didn't think so...we'll be back down there bright and early tomorrow. What a life :)

We love you Evan. Funny story tonight. Evan and Raegan are sleeping in the same room on a couple of mats on the floor. Shawn brushed their teeth and tucked them in. They were having a fun Sunday with a BBQ, walk down to the seal rookery (there were 130 seals on the beach while we were there), another BBQ and baseball at Tia Carlina's house and some play time with some lizards caught down at the beach which caused them to be a bit overtired. You know what that means...not the easiest to get in bed. So about 3 minutes after Shawn left the room he heard Evan yell for him so he charges in the room and throws on the lights ready to put someone on timeout when Evan says..."Dad, you forgot the prayer." Can you get mad at that? No way. We love you Evan. You are the man!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Evan is 4!!!!

So I tried to post a picture from my cell phone last night but it was a pretty pathetic attempt. Horrible picture quality which is weird since I've done it before...Anyways... We are loving California, as usual, and are not quite sure when we will make our way back to Utah. Maybe never....

It looks like we will be celebrating 2 birthdays while here and perhaps 3. Evan was in Heaven on his birthday. We spent the afternoon at the beach catching sandcrabs and chasing seagulls. We then celebrated a bit at Rusty's pizza parlor and after proceeded home for some cupcakes and a nice stroll around the Vallecito block to try out his new scooter.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey Utah....

not missing you one bit....

Friday, May 13, 2011

First for everything...

I just have to thank my kids for being patient with me. My little Rae is now in Kindergarten, has now made a ton of friends and been to a ton of birthday parties, and now understands....what a 'real' party means. So, needless to say, she had to wait till 6 to get a real party. Meaning, I actually had invitations, and I even had little treat bags! I know, Im so proud of me too:) Raegan hates princesses, but loves tangeled. So that was the 'theme'...


does there always have to be a theme?!


And here they are, opening gifts. The kids progressively got closer and closer to Rae as each gift was given....practically sufficating her. But she loved it.

This is how it began...with some order to the madness:) All the kids sitting. Patiently. Not for long as the above pictures prove!
Cake time....and yes....I even had the right amount of candles. In fact, enough for 6 on both cakes. And yes, you read that right. I made 2 cakes, AND cupcakes....that I let Rae and Evan decorate. I know, Im proud of me too:)

its a start, right?!

**Where's Waldo?? The girl picking her nose? Can you spot her? HA! Love it.**

Rae's requested games: Duck Duck Goose. And Red Rover.

striking...isnt she.

All in all, it was a birthday bash, and Rae was out of her mind excited. Finally. She got the real deal. It was perfect....well almost perfect....up until I thought we had lost someone. Her dad came to pick her up. We swept through the house calling her name, checked 2-3 times outside. She was nowhere. And I was hyperventilating. Parents worst nightmare was unfolding. Right before I approached her dad to ask him if its normal for her to wander off...UGH!...I thought of sweeping through one more time....thoroughly....myself. So, upstairs, Im going into each room, and as Im walking into one, I see the closet rumble a little and hear what sounds like velcro behind the closed closet door. So...she was hiding in the closet, and when I finally got to her...I almost spanked her (not really)! What the heck?! HEART ATTACK. Thats what she just gave me, and little did she know. She just strolled out the door hand in hand with her dad as I honestly thought my heart was gonna jump from my chest.

So, aside from that was amazing. Thank you everyone! Thank you for making this such a special day for my special girl. It was memorable.