Sunday, August 04, 2013

These are a few of my fave O rit things...

On our way to tinfoil dinners and roasted s'mores.
In the fresh air of our backyard we went...
the beautiful American Fork Canyon.
Spent many a nights there while growing up.
Truly is my place.

Evans pretty relentless.
Couldn't stop asking when we were gonna be there.
That 20 minute drive was agonizing.
He. Loves. Camping.

In her element.
Well, on her way to being in her element.
But the motorhome ride is just as fun as the camping itself:)

This here is proof of a long, fun, and adventurous summer for this 3 year old.
Didn't know she was capable of gaining big, dark circles under her eyes.
Thought that was only for tired, worn out adults.

Shawn at the wheel with my replacement.
She did take the front seat.

This doesn't happy too often but when it does it is worthy to post...
This is how it started off.

And this is how it ended.
A soccer game.
At 11:25pm!
I don't think I would have made it to the game had we not planned some shopping and dinner around it.
Kept me awake.
And kept me laughing.
My jaw hurt the following day.

Although it was a loooong night.
It was so fun.
No better way to recharge your 'mommy' batteries,
then a good night of good laughs with good buddies.

*Note to disbelieving children that mom ever played...or even ran for that matter**

**Yes, children, that is me playing keeper in yellow.  Had to preserve the knees a bit considering we had another game the next night at 10:40pm!  And yes, children, that is me with my hands in the air celebrating a goal.  Still exciting.  And yes, children, that is me in the top picture resting my hands on my hips trying to catch my breath.  Forgot how fast that little game of indoor is.  I hope you are enjoying this game as I have.  Its a good one.**

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