Monday, July 15, 2013

Sweet. Smart. And has a conscience.

My boy.

Today,  as I have been bustling about, I have been listening to you.
You have been commando over the iPad.
You have mentioned several times NOT to touch it.

Then I heard you threaten Mayci.
You TOLD her NOT to play with the iPad!
You were downloading something.

Thats when I pulled you in...and asked what you were up to.

"Nothing."  Was your reply.

I warned you that if there was a something on the iPad that wasn't supposed to be on there, i.e. games,
dad would NOT be happy.

You said you weren't.

I believed you.

You went on your merry way...over to your friends...

and then you came right back.

You said: "Mom?"
I said: "Yes?"

I turned to find you, and saw tears welling up in your sweet, tender, blue eyes.

I grabbed you and asked what was wrong.
You courageously told me you had lied.
Through your quivering lips you said you had figured out dads password:/
And did buy a few games.
Only batman.  It was ninety-nine cents.
And another one, that was only cents.  Not dollars.
And as I watched your little mouth quiver,
I grabbed you.
And I held you.
And hugged you.
And your sweet little spirit let loose.
And all that pent up fear poured from your eyes.
And I held you a little tighter.
And told you over and over and over how proud I was of you.
How brave I thought you were.
And HOW MUCH I loved you!

 I can't take much credit for that moment, Evan.
You have blessed my life with your tender heart.
And your sweet sweet soul.

Im so proud of you.

You just made my whole day.


And now I gotta change the password.

And keep a real close eye on my little genius.

Hackin into the iPad...what the crap!?!


Coulton and Becca Main said...

dangit farrah. that evan boy. he makes me laugh hysterically, and yet makes my eyes well up with tears. what a sweetheart! give him a hug for me cuz "he gives the BEST hugs!" ;)

Auntie Elaine said...

That post made these Auntie eyes tear up too! YOU have a wonderful way of writing and YOU have a wonderful way of raising children!! HUGS!