Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!!

Farrah rounded up the kids and took them out to a "trunk or treat." You can see our little cowgirl and lion. Raegan had a blast and learned what to say REAL quick. I was able to take Raegan to a couple of houses later in the evening. I just knocked and she did the rest. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

If you are surprised...

so am I...we finally did it! We purchased a camera! How pathetic am I. I was soooooo excited that the first time I was able to use it I took like 45 pictures. It is Sunday, and it sure was a SUN-day. It was beautiful outside so our family took advantage of it and took a little jaunt to the park. We wanted to wear the kids out as well so that we could all get a little Sunday afternoon nap in (you know all of you reading this cherish those when you get 'em)...and we certainly wore them right out. They both fell asleep on our walk back as you can see in the pics. Anyhow, our lives as of now really haven't changed much. Shawn is nearing the end of his season. His team has been improving and its been fun going to all his home games and seeing Shawn in action. He and his team have been on the road a ton this year that its been weird to see him all day yesterday and all day today. Its been great...Rae keeps saying, "you no go to work today, you stay here with me". Shes kindof a daddys girl:) And as for us (me and the 2 little rugrats), we are chuggin' along with all the ups and downs of everyday life. Rae is so into being a little mom to all her babies. At the end of the day as Im cleaning up I happen to find her babies 'tucked in' all over the place under anything thats soft and blanket like...on the bathroom rugs smothered under huge towels, in closets barely covered under beanies, on all the couches, beds, and cushions of all sorts all over the place...its pretty cute! Once I found a baby with its mouth stuffed with POPS, the cereal. I laughed pretty hard as I cleaned it out. She's also on this new kick of making our hair pretty. She gets all of her bows out, her little comb, and sits on top of the couch with either Shawn or myself between her legs as she rips our hair out and jams bows till they stick...its lovely:) Shes quite a riot huh. As for Evan, well, he is pretty much the sweetest kid in the world. He idolizes Rae already. Anytime he sees her he laughs. He's also the toughest kid too. For any and all those who know Rae understand exactly what I mean. He is so fun and so precious. He's just a bundle of joy, smiles, and laughs. He loves being held high in the air and rough housed around...he really is a boy. I love watching him grow and learn and can't wait to keep watching! Thats it for now and I'm sure it won't be long till there's more:)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Im sure is what most of you who view our blog from time to time are saying to yourselves. Well, take these pics for what they're worth. They are pictures taken from my cell phone, sent to my email, downloaded onto my computer, and they are. So, until we purchase a new camera (which may happen in the next life time...kidding Shawn:) this will have to do. The one of Rae pretty much sums up her obsession lately...her baby dolls! She plays mama all day...and she is ever so gentle, which may surprise most of you. She speaks to them as if they truly have a beating heart. They are her best friends. She takes her favorite one with her to the park, McDonalds, volleyball games, car-rides, church, and anywhere else we venture off to! IT IS HILARIOUS! At McDonalds, we each held a hand on her baby as we crossed the street to enter, then inside, her baby hogged a real booster seat as Rae so kindly smashed her up to the table, fed her some nuggets and fries, changed her diaper right in the middle of the play gym, and sang her 'You are my sunshine' in Evan's car-seat. I was dying, and so were most of the other adults there except for the ones who had to hold their toddlers while eating cause Rae's doll occupied the last booster! Pretty funny huh. Anyhow, as for Evan, he is my bright and shinning light of my life. His smile takes me to another world. He is laughing now, and it is the absolute best. He must remember Rae from Heaven cause when we go to get him out of his crib (or any time he sees her for that matter), he looks directly at her he gets so excited and smiles so big he actually slams his head back down only to pop it up again and repeat the is priceless. Love you all and I apologize for the novel. Till next time...and hopefully I have some real pics (hint...hint...Shawn)!