Sunday, July 21, 2013

2013 Beach Time:

Because we won't make it to Cali this year...
we have been making the most of what we UTAHNS can call a beach.
This is a fun little fishing/swimming pond that has pulled through for us this year.
Kids LOVE it!
Even Wesly is able to partake of some sand fun:)

Whipped out some beach toys.
Entertainment for hours.

And this little place we call...A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!
Its the beach mixed with the boat.
What more can you ask for?!

Mayci's pose.
This girl is ALL girl.

And this purdy little lady is awesome.
She was the host and owner of our paradise for the day.
She is an awesome person, and a good friend.  Its so incredible to find those friends that you just click with.
It happened, and Im blessed:)
She is unbelievable at skiing, and she just ran the Boston Marathon this year.
So glad she was safe. 

Bathing beauty...yet again in her element.
To find something that this gal enjoys for longer then 30 minutes is a miracle.
Pretty sure nature and anything outdoors brings peace and happiness to her soul.

We always cherish the time spent with this guy.
Season is approaching, so its time to fit it all in!
*pretty handsome dude if i say so myself..,age looks good on this guy...truly*

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