Sunday, June 30, 2013


Oh Wesly.  That smile.  Wow.  For the past 6 months I have been justifying your fussiness as teething.  Teething it is not.  Your just needy:)  Fussy because you want out of that helpless state.  You want to crawl.  Desperately.  Or maybe I so desperately want you to crawl.  For some reason, I feel like it will solve all your issues.  You are so happy in this chair...for about 5 minutes.  And then I move you to your next station...for about 5 minutes.  Busy.  Busy.  Busy.
But what keeps me goin...
Look at that smile.
Beautiful girl.

Although, you are teething now.  Finally one poked through...and now waiting for that second one that is just oh so close.  Bless your little soul.  So NOW I can say your fussiness is due to teething:)
And honestly it wasn't until I went to Florida that it dawned on me that you were one busy, wiggly, needy little thang.
I think with the hustle and bustle at home, which happens to be a place of no relaxation, I didn't notice much.
Other than being exhausted, I just hold you on my hip, set you down for a few, pick you back up, set you down for a bit, pick you back up, etc.
But then when I go somewhere with you and for some reason I expect to said, Uh Uh... NO WAY!
Wiggly, busy, or not - I love you with all of my whole heart and more.
I love your giggle you give out only to those who work real hard to get it out of you.
I love your tight chubby little hands and feet.
I love to watch you play with your toes...your toy of choice.
I love to watch you roll back and forth with excitement.
I love the way you flail your arms and kick your legs and squeal with pure joy at the sight of your baba.
I love the way you cuddle me, wide awake.
Im obsessed with your little shoulders.  Random but I love.
I love that you will fall asleep on me anywhere.  Anytime.
 I love your little chatter.
I love that you love your brother and sisters so much.
I love you Wesly Wesles.  With all my whole heart.

This is one of many activities that we do to keep quiet and entertained.
Sunday's are awesome:)
I keep telling myself that hoping they will be someday!
Thought this was a picture to capture and treasure.

Evan was really interested in coloring...
his one little flower,,.
before something bigger and better caught his attention...

The TV.
A blessing if my girls watch ONE show.
A curse cause my boy can watch it ALL DAY LONG.

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Auntie Elaine said...

LOVE the updates and pics! HUGS!