Friday, September 20, 2013


Homework is a DOOSY with this one.
I had to march her desk up the stairs, into my office, and close the doors to get her to sit.
And focus.
My neighbor was brilliant and told me she hired a neighborhood helper to sit with her homework hater.
Might be in my future.
Too much friction for me.
Any takers?

We have inherited 2 hamsters.
Easy to take care of.
But they die.
And then my heart aches.
For my Rae.
Truly, she was devastated.
And I cried with her.
Once again, as my science project, I have witnessed Raegan on several occasions ball up her emotions when there is something sad to cry about.
But when she is mad, she will give me the ugly cry, with spit, fire, smoke, and screamin.
So normally Im telling her to stop.
Gain control.
And use her words.
This day... I told her to cry.
And she broke.
Sobbed a painful hurt cry.
So...I checked her out of school and got her some shoes the color of the bright yellow sun.
And she smiled : )

Raegan loves her volleyball.
Still haven't figured out if she loves the game,
or the social gathering of all her friends in one place.
Time will tell : )


Coulton and Becca Main said...

Welp, I cried. I miss you guys. Can't wait to see you. Give Rae a squeeze from her favorite aunt :)

Auntie Elaine said...

Farrah....I LOVE your updates AND you! Thanks for sharing your sweet pics AND sweet thoughts!!