Friday, September 20, 2013

Mayci Jo Jo

She is a big helper in the morning...sometimes : /
But alas I have found the chore for her.
She sat at the silverware for about 30 minutes.
Meticulously placing the right size fork and spoon in its designated spot.
Maybe I have an organizational freak like myself on my hands!
(although my house doesn't prove me to be so)

The small dot of pink in this picture is my little JoJo.
I saw dad wave her over . . .
I tensed up with fear that she would make a straight shot across the court to him . . .
and that she did.
Not my fault this time.

First day of preschool doesn't look too bad on this gal.
Maybe she will learn how to put her shoes on straight:)
I love her.

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