Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Bless me.

What do you do when your 3 year old says:
"Mom...look...take a picture!"
Of course you take the picture.
So glad I did...cause its pretty precious.

When Mayci can convince Evan to play with her when none of his friends are available :/
It is the darndest scene to behold.
These two have the best imaginations.
I love that Evan refused the barbie,
and used the halloween skeleton.

Holy moly pa joly kid.
Look at that face!  She went from"I CANT CONTOL MYSELF EXCITED!"
She is amazing.
An amazingly large HAND FUL too!!!
I sure hope when her mouth is full of her pearly whites
(because thats always what I chalk it up to be - teething :)
she is a bit more content.
Although I can already predict...
she will be a busy one!
Does she EVER sit in my arms?!
Or in a stoller?!
Or in her carseat?!
She does.
But she is not very pleased about it (to put it politely).
In fact...this here may put it into perspective:

Once upon a time my visiting teacher called and asked if we wanted to join her for ice cream.
I agreed to.  And made the mistake of offering her a ride rather than meeting her there.
She jumped in my car as joyful as can be.
And the life of Farrah and kids in the car began.
With Wesly.
The most wretched scream you could imagine.
The whole way there.
She looked at me so many times shaking her head with laughter in utter shock that a child could truly make your eardrums vibrate and said through her horrified humor:
"Oh bless you Farrah.  Oh bless you.   Oh my, bless you."
We laughed as she screamed.

The next day she was at my doorstep with a sweet little gift.
She commanded I open.
Opened I did.
And there in my hands lie a pair of ear plugs.
I laughed.
She was serious as a heart attack and said:
"You need these."
They are in my car.
I use them.
Raegan will be getting some too.
Only because she has asked me 400 times to use mine ; )
Bless me.

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