Monday, September 02, 2013

Closing days of Summer

Ya, Ya, Ya...I'm sure you have all heard enough about this lake and our awesome neighbors but it feels like it may soon be over so we had to take every chance we get to head out there.  These pics were too cool to NOT post.  Shawn doing some work on perfect glass.  Your ski makes a hissing noise that only glass on the lake can create.  Music to a skiers ears.

The Hansens are probably the greatest neighbors and even better friends.  They are unbelievably giving and gracious.  It just happened that Scott and Karalee came by our house while they were there and the rest is history.  Let me tell you how it went.  Shawn introduced Scott to Trever with something along the lines of, "This is Trever, he's our neighbor that takes us to his lake." and that was all Scott needed.  He was on that faster than I could finish the introduction.  The Hansens made mention of going that week and sure enough, we got a text on the mentioned day from KJ wondering if it was still on. Yes it was!!!!  Scott enjoying the view.  Stoke high as the scale can reach.
 Evan doing his thing.  No big deal.
 Lights got installed since we were last there....skiing all night if you are up for it...and we were.
 Karalee getting busy under the lights.  She was screaming out loud she was so excited.  Oh yeah, we were the only ones up there that day.
 And here is Shawn putting a stamp on the end of summer under the lights.  We may get away one night now that there are lights, the Hansens are awesome and even mentioned it tonight, but if we can't we will always have these killer pictures too look back on.  A nice carve for an even better summer full of water and good peeps.

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Staci said...

AWESOME! Great pictures and yes that hiss of ski's on glass is music and oh how I miss it!