Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Labor Day Madness

This is little ol' me.  Thinkin' Im pretty cool catching some air!
We cruised up to Park City Monday.
It was MADNESS and utter CHAOS to get there, but once we were there, I did not regret it one bit.
I did not have the company of my husband
I am incredibly blessed to have met up with the nicest most mellow yellow people on Earth.
Right when I arrived, swarms of arms came running at me, grabbed the baby and my 3 other kids,
and sent me on my way with a bike (operation farrah)!
We rode 'Trailside'.  A small hike with a bike to the top and complete exhilaration down.
I felt on top of the world.
Park City is so beautiful right now.
Leaves changing.
Cloud coverage here and there.
With a slight breeze.
It was magical.
Plus...the bonus side to all this...
While I rode, the kids strapped on their helmets, grabbed a bike, scooter, or long board (I said it was madness prep for the journey) and rode on a really nice skate park just below the trail.  They could see me the whole time and I could see AND hear them the whole time.  Not one complaint from them.  Nor me.
My sweet pics were taken on our second destination.  Once we finished at trailside and the skate park, we headed to 'the jumps'.  After unloading at trailside and then loading back up to head to 'the jumps' I was debating with myself whether to call it a success and head home...or give 'the jumps' a whirl.
Give it a whirl I did.
As we were driving there the kids were BEGGING me to do the Alpine Slide.
That was another consideration but actually don't think it was even doable without another adult:)
So, onto the bike jumps we went.
And onto the bikes the kids went.
And there they found all the joy their little hearts could handle.
They rode.
Asking when we were going to return.
After the kids rode for a bit Raegan asked, as we made our way to the bathrooms, if we could put a house right there - pointing to the center of the parking lot.
Its been quite the process trying to figure out what makes this child sing a happy tune.
(She is too complex for my little brain)
Its definitely not center stage.
Its whatever she can do...on her own.  At her own pace.  With her own agenda.  Nobody breathing down her neck or heckling her from the sidelines.
Its this.
The her big girl self.
And the victory...all on her own.
With the praise of her parents... hearing how fun it is to watch her...without saying a peep while in she is in her zone.
I absolutely love it.
Its freedom!
(I may be investing soon in a bike that doesn't sound like its gonna loose its nuts and bolts at any second!  She was serious as a heart attack and was taking the course to town.  Im sure her wrists and BE-hind are sore!)

Oh Evan. Oh Evan.
How much do I love you.
My heart races as I look at this.
You are always trying your hardest to keep up.  And most the time you succeed.
This eventually did ; )
You took on the big hill after practicing for a bit on the mini course.
Turfed it.
And you were so so frustrated.
Yelling. Crying. And beat up.
(he ate it so hard at the skate park too. hard. head bounced off the concrete...thank you helmet! landed in a puddle. soaking wet shirt. and pants - poor guy! - just whipped off his shirt and off he went - after a few scrapes and tears)
"Everyone can do it mom!  Raegans never been here either and she can do it!"
And so it has begun...siblings keeping up with siblings!
I challenged him to ride the mini course 15 times without falling and he can try the big one again, all while trying to explain to him that Raegan is older and thats why she can do it without practicing as much...all the other kids practiced just like YOU on the mini course.  For 2 years!
Lie : )
But around he went.  And I could hear him counting under his breath.
I would yell out occasionally asking how many times, and he would yell back..."8 mom! 8!"
He was in full concentration too. D.E.T.E.R.M.I.N.E.D! (i loved every minute of it)
Lets just say it was NOT easy for him.
But around 15 times he went.
And he was READY!
So up the hill we go, after strapping on Lennon's elbow/knee pads.  Adjusted the helmet a little tighter.  And there we stood.  Atop the mountain of doom!  He was shaking.  My heart was pattering.
But I encouraged.  YOU CAN DO IT!
He did.
He pushed off.  Legs shot straight out like sticks (don't mind the pedals) and as wobb-i-ly as he was...
Why is that such a proud moment for me, so much so that I may have gulped down a few tears?
Maybe because he was SO Courageous.  Determined. Tough. And would not take NO for an answer.
  So no matter what he tries, he can be good ; )
He may have to practice just a little harder than everyone else...which isn't such a bad thing!

And this is what Mayci did.
Neglectful you say?!
Well, if letting a kid play in dirt all day is neglectful...then you were never a kid!
Between this dirt hill and a lovely park 10 paces away,
she was perfectly content.

Labor day.
A success.

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