Friday, August 23, 2013


We attempted the Alpine Slide, but as soon as I put my car in park,
Rae was sick.
Gonna throw up.
For sure.
She made me sit in the back of the car with her for almost an hour because she was sure she needed me to help her make it in the bucket.  I was coaching her the best I could, but I have never seen a child so incredibly terrified of barfing as my little Rae.  She was shaking. Begging me to be the one to be sick...not her. Asking over and over when it was gonna happen.  How much is it going to be? Why her? Why can't dad be sick? Or Evan? Seriously, she was so terrified I felt horrible.  She went into the typical cramp up, feel ok, cramp up again, feel ok, wave.  She asked that we say a prayer.  That we did.
She begged that Heavenly Father would answer her prayer.  Help her.
I told her (because I was sure she was going to at any second barf *ye of little faith*) that sometimes our prayers are not answered the way we want them to be answered.  Maybe Heavenly Father helped us get to Park City before she got sick so that I could be with her.  Help her.
She didn't like that.
I sat with her.
Rubbing her back.
Tying her hair up.
Gearing her with a couple bags.
And we waited . . .
and waited . . .
and waited . . .
Finally I said we are going home.
I lined the carpet in front of her with a new blow-up raft...just in case...and off we went.
She was quiet.
The whole way home.
I am thoroughly convinced Heavenly Father intended for this to be an experience this freshly baptized 8 year old will never ever forget.
I told her she had way more faith then me and that she must be a very special girl to our Heavenly Father.
She was so unbelievably thrilled...she will never forget that day!

The picture above.
Although we weren't able to experience the Alpine Slide
we were blessed with a beautiful drive...

and a beautiful teaching moment.

**Sorry for the novel, but then again who am I sorry to.  Pretty sure nobody visits my blog...totally fine with me (I understand with FaceBook and Intsagram...the blog world is ancient social media: ). Its purely for my journal purposes only.   Truly.  And Im actually so glad I have it...for myself and my kids!**

We are doing Karate.
With sparring gear and all.

"C'mon stupid knees. . ."           "Almost there!"                     "Got it!"            

The squat.
Who knew it could be so difficult.
Evan has knocked-knees.
He may look special here...bless him ; )
He was working so hard on that squat.
The more he worked the more knocked his knees went.
Like I always say...glad he is smart!
It was one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed!
These are the moments I Really Really Really appreciate being a MOM!
And feel so so so bad dad has to miss out.

This was the most glorious Sunday nap ever.
Mayci truly fell asleep like that.
Best spoon.

As I predicted.
This girl is mobile.
And this girl is SO much happier.
Thanks to the crawl.

Whenever we can have her we will take her.
My kids worship auntie buggy.
Wonder why?  Nobody worships bug.
Maybe its because she lets them drive the go-cart through 100's of people . . .
at age 8!!

On his first day of the big bad first grade.
He booked it out of the car before I even put it in park.
Ran around the school looking for his door.
Without looking back.
I pretty much had to tackle him down to get a hug and a kiss from him.
He couldn't be more ready.
I missed him a lot.  But it helps the emotions when they are so dang excited to take on the world.
I love him.
So much.

The button up got the better of him.
He was so close.

This poor girl had to miss the first day of school.  That stomach bug sure was a bugger.  Knocked her flat for 5 straight days.  No throw-up, just very weak.  Tired.  And sick to her stomach.  I felt really bad she had to miss out on day 1.  But she survived and was more than excited to gear up and head out on day 2.
Im so happy my kids LOVE school.
The night before the first day, Shawn gave them amazing blessings.
When he was through I wanted to bless them too with my own thoughts.
And that I did.
Be a good friend.
Be a helper for your teacher.
ALWAYS include the outcasts : )
And always help those that are being picked on.
Thats all.
Then they asked if I cared that they do their homework?
I said...sure :)

*PS . . . Its not okay that Mayci is tightening a bungee around her neck*

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Staci said...

I love your blog. I don't leave very many comments but I truly love reading your words. You make me want to be a better mom. I actually prefer the blog world but probably for the same reason as a way to journal...but my daily journal would probably read more like a weather report. You have some cuties and Sean may miss some moments but he shares them through you. :)