Sunday, June 09, 2013

Instead of a nanny...get me a photographer!

This is the only shot of Raegan in her very last rainy game.  I wish I was better with my camera...
Im just not these days.  Just one more thing to carry and pack and remember:)
It seemed every game was cold, windy, or wet this spring.  Either way, Rae got out there and did her thing.
We will try volleyball this fall:)
Just not sure the "contact sports" are her thing.  Much like her dad I guess.
Who woulda thought my little Rae wouldn't want to claw her way through everyone to get a piece of that ball?!
She enjoyed her new friends she made on the team, and LOVED playing eenie-meenie-mynee-moe on the sidelines with her little teammates:)
She's so hilariously unpredictable...I love her to death.
We will see what volleyball brings.
I know it brings a nice, consistent atmosphere for me:)
What a flippin' stud.  Seriously.  Everything about this boy makes me laugh.
Here he is as proud as can be here...
graduating Kindergarten.
He had an amazing teacher...and made some awesome friends.
Good job Evan buddy.
I love you oh so very much.

PS.  Evan played soccer too this last spring
PPS.  Didn't get a single picture of it
PPSS.  I suck
PPSS. Evan rocked, and went after it this year.  A little less 'airplane' and a lot more ball.
He was so fun to watch...and he happened to get on the same team as his best little buddy.  Fall soccer is on for this guy!
I love you.
And I love to squeeze your little calf muscles!  Lucky gal.

And this here...
although a bit blurry,
is my favorite.
I love more than anything, and always have, gettin' my kids up from their naps.
They are happy,
and this one is hungry.
She attacks me.
Nuzzles her chubs into my neck,
and tries to eat my shoulder.
As you can see, my shoulder is glistening with her slobber.
I love it.

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