Sunday, June 23, 2013


I have a scanner...and I didn't even know it:)
Here is a golden treasure.  Best buds.
Im pretty sure thats Evan...
with long hair...
and a bathing suit on!

There's the crew.
Wish I was still that bright eyed and bushy tailed in the mornings:)
Please notice...
the creepy elf in the window seal.

Good ol' days for sure.

Bug.  You are a friend for life.
Two of my faves captured here:
1- Bug
2- Playing in the rain!

What a fun memory!
Truly, best 5 years ever!
Made best friends...
and met my soulmate.

Who woulda guessed he'd be coaching now...
where these shots were taken.


True love...

Guess if Shawn is anything
He's a real man's man.
Next post will be a frikken boar head in his hands.
What the ---??
I like the fish:)

That was fun.
Never knew my printer was also a scanner,
just like I thought LOL was Lots Of Love:)
More pics to come.
Hold on everyone...
you may be a victim!


BYU Women's Soccer said...

Farrah. . . wow that is awesome! Those are some real gems you have there! Remember when you cut my bangs like that? Haha! Good times, BFF's Forever! Love you!

maggie said...

Oh my gosh, could the pic of the 4 of you with Rachel yawning be any more perfect!?

Auntie Elaine said...

SO fun! Thanks for sharing and isn't that Mayci on the right in front of the Christmas tree?!?!? Wow - CrAZY!