Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last Chance Lake...

So...I have this friend who happens to live behind me,
who owns a lot on this private lake.
She called me at 3:30 yesterday and asked if we were up for a little lake trip...
leaving in an hour!
We called dad.  He ran home.  And off we went.

This was the first run...and if only Shawns battery didn't die,
the second run was glass.
Like, 5:30am lake powell glass.
But this isn't 5 hrs away.  It was a quick 40 minutes.  Boat just needed to be lowered into the water...
and off we went.
Seriously, a skiers dream.
Here is Shawn.
What a spray:)

Wha?!  Is that me out there?

I had perma-grin the whole time.
Felt like a giddy school girl.
It was so fun.
The lake has a course on it.  Never have done a course.  But I did here.  Its addicting.
You start out going through 2 buoy's (sp?),
and then off to the races.
You weave from side to side weaving through the green buoy's.  You can see the orange one just to the side of me.  Those are for the real skiers to hit.  By the end, I was able to weave through all six of the green.
It was a blast.

Look at that backdrop.
It was beautiful.

Raegan and Evan both skied,
and woke up this morning begging to go again.

What a little guy.
It was so great to see them out there,
just little humans standing on the water.

They tubed also.
Mayci went solo too.  She aint scared.
Then Evan asked to ski again.
Hence the dark night sky...we didn't leave the lake till 10:00pm!

I love that they love what we love.
A boat is definitely in the future plans for the Olmsteads.


Auntie Elaine said...

I'm SOOO glad you can have such fun family time to create awesome memories!

Coulton and Becca Main said...

ive never been so jealous in my life. that look so much fun!!!!!!! i need to come visit. i cried. i miss your kids!! love you. maybe you should become a pro skier...? idk