Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Summer has begun...and it is in SESSION!  We have not stopped!
Proof of the madness is this...
kids have all slept past 8am every.single.morning...
for the last 2 WEEKS!
Its amazing.
The picture above is Evan going SOLO down sliding rock.
Sliding rock is a natural waterside in Alpine that I visited often in high school.
Kids absolutely loved it.  It was about a mile to hike to it and the terrain is a bit rugged at the slide, so much so that Mayci sat in the same spot and didn't move a muscle the whole time.
But even she, sitting there, was thoroughly entertained.
How could you not be...
look at that face on Evan.
Shawns face is icing on the cake.!  He was a proud daddy seein' his boy be so brave.

Golf with dad.
Lets just keep the caption at that so as not to make Uncle Scott angry:)

Sliding Rock.
Uncle Scott manned the bottom...
Uncle Shawn manned the top.
Amazing night had by all!

Raegan has picked up a new hobby...full swing.
And according to her proud papa,
she is pretty good at it.
Makes me a bit nervous, but it is fun to watch her go.
If only we lived by the beach...she was truly born to be a surfer girl.
This is as close as she will get...and it'll have to do:)

Sliding Rock.
All the kiddos...
plus Aunt Karalee:)  She's a stud trekking around with the little treat on her back.

Sliding Rock.
These pics came from Shawns phone to my email.
This one came out a bit skee-wompas.
Cute nonetheless:)

This is just the tip of the ol' iceberg.
Let me include in the list of amazingness so far:
Tennis.  Dodgeball.  Gramma's pool.  Springville splashpad.
Countless T'sunami's (amazing shaved ice) Swiss Almond Coco with cream please!
BBQ's.  Sprinklers.  Water balloon fights. Friends.  Cousins.
Longboard rides.  Bike rides.  Neighborhood Volleyball.  Late late nights.  And more.

Bucketlist for the summer:
Cant think.
Something fun.

I wanna camp:)


Crazy Lifferths said...

Such a fun summer s far!! It is only gonna get better!!! Sliding rock in the sun an I will brave it! :)

Jamie said...

Um, where do we fit in with this schedule of fun. So far, it hasn't been fun enough, because we weren't there!!!