Tuesday, October 02, 2012


 Call it hormones, call it being 7 months pregnant, call it Shawn being out of town a lot this season and only being here 5 out of the last 14 days ( I only counted cause I was curious:)! ...  call it down-right exhaustion, call it being in the middle of potty training, call it dealing with really really really extra needy kids and one that spiked a fever, call it a crazy non-stop day with abnormally demanding voices from 3 different directions, call it just checking off the normal daily chores of a mom, call it all of the above combined into one day ... whatever it may be, I sat with my head in my hands at the table, and just when I thought I may burst into a million little pieces and vanish off the face of this earth, I walked into my office and lo and behold...this is what I saw out of our front window on our front porch.  Can you say...BREAKDOWN!!

Raegan was tenderly reading to my my sick little Evan with her arm so lovingly wrapped around his little shoulders.  I lost it immediately.  Mercy be had upon me.  Raegan has always been very intuitive with me.  She just KNOWS when I absolutely and most definitely need her to step up.  And this is what she does.  As tough as she is a lot of the time, it takes these most precious and priceless moments to make up for it all.  It is not this difficult everyday, but I do find myself easily overwhelmed lately.  Maybe its the thought of "wow...this...plus one!?" Or maybe its because of all I listed above?!  But, needless to say how demanding it is to be a mom,  I am so excited for this little baby girl to join us.   I am just find myself in the same place I was in when I was pregnant with Evan and Mayci...wondering, pondering, and anxiously waiting to see how it all pans out:)


It always pans out to be the most joyful experience this world has to offer...and I truly know that. 

Raegan, you have saved my brain today.  Thank you my precious sweet little girl.  I love you so much. 

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Becca said...

dang farrah. i teared up! what a freaking gem! i miss you and your kiddos so much. give me a call please, id like to chat :) love you sister.