Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Fun

We went to Gardner Village and had some fun checkin out all the crazy witches.  Kids mostly had a blast running around with all their cousins! 
This picture is amazing.

Saturday we drove down to Spingville to a pretty neat pumpkin patch...but it was more than just a pumpkin patch.  It had hazardous mazes, a petting farm, a sandbox full of dry corn instead of sand (which I thought was awesome and so did the kids) and a bunch of hay for the kids to crawl on.  Best was all free...but the pumpkins.  Forget about Cornbelly's!!

Here we saw...a reindeer.  Random.  Very.  And even more random was that the deer was actually not very friendly.  We were all confused why it was there.  It actually head butted Evan of course, and after that, we kept a good distance as Raegan is demonstrating here.  

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Anonymous said...

I was reading some of your post's and your kid's are very cute! You seem like a real good mom and congrats on the girl!