Monday, October 22, 2012

Hike to the Y

I am embarrassed to admit that this hike kicked my butt!  I thought...oh its just a little over a mile...big deal!  I have done plenty of hikes over 8-9 miles and thought this would be a piece of cake.  Nope!  Granted Im 30 weeks pregnant, but I thought by working out all this time would help.  I guess it did, cause I made it, but it was a good one:)  We met with Karalee, her kids, and Ginger and her family...and it was fabulous! 

Ginger and Ryan came down on Thursday night for Shawn's volleyball match and we were able to take Savannah and Spencer home with us that night.  Kids got to have a sleepover and ditch school Friday to play hard with their cousins that they don't get to see as much.  They were in complete Heaven.  I told Ginger that I am going to have to steal Spencer every now and then seeing how obsessed Evan is with him.  Neither of them have brothers, so brothers they will be:)

Love the temple down below.

I had to put this picture up to document that we all made it!  Mayci did amazing.  She hiked about 2/3 the way up and the whole way down.  Raegan did a great job, and Evan pretty much ran the whole way.  Compliments to Uncle Ryan and his pack, Mayci got a needed break on the way up, but I was more than happy to trail behind the gang with her:)  It took us over 2 hours round trip and we did sit at the Y for 45 minutes, but needless to say, everyones appetite was hungry!  We made a pit stop to the Pizza Factory with the whole gang and filled our bellies before heading home and straight to bed!  It was a great weekend, so fun I almost forgot Shawn was gone;)  


St. Julien's said...

Fun Stuff!! Scarlet is dying to get up that mountain and see the Y up close...I keep putting it off because I HATE that hike. It's a killer. One of these days. miss your face!

Staci said...

You are a stud! How I miss that beautiful Y mountain and it's view.