Sunday, October 21, 2012

My boy

Well, here is my boy.  He has been having a lot of '1st' lately, so I thought I would document:)  First, I must say, this is one special little guy.  He has me so wrapped around his chubby sausage finger, its not even funny.  He is my sweet, cuddly, saving grace (most the time).  I am just SO grateful to have him.  He adds so much to our family.  And he is perfect for Raegan as a best little buddy.  He does anything and everything she suggests...with excitement.  And they really are such good friends.  It makes me so happy.  He likes to tease Mayci most of the time right now, but Im hoping that changes in the near future:)

These are pictures from his first day of KINDERGARTEN.  What a stud.  We rode to and from school...scooter style...and he loved it.

I caught him with a nervous but excited smile when he sat at his spot.  He melts me.

Just monkeying around a bit before he went into class:)  

Here is another recent 'first'.  He lost his big ol' front tooth!  And Im still not sure it was supposed to come out when it did.  Its a bit early, but he knocked his mouth on the floor and came up screaming that his tooth was loose (not out of excitement!)  Then, one morning, the absurd hour of 6am rolled around and in came Evan quite upset.  He said, 'MOM!  I wanted to wiggle my tooth when I woke up...and...ITS GONE!!'  He was a bit traumatized.  We had to wake Rae up with the lights and search for it.  THANK goodness it was found...he was then able to shrill in excitement for the tooth fairy visit that was to come.  Amazing.

Last week, Shawn asked Evan if he wanted to ride his bike without training wheels and not more than 10 minutes later the kid was riding like a champ.  Another 'first' that he was thriiiilllled about.  We rode till it was dark, which was just fine because you couldn't have asked for a more beautiful fall day! You gotta love the helmet, dumb and dumber style. Perfect.

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