Thursday, August 23, 2012

ITS A....

GIRL!!  Yep, as I guessed it would be all along.  I immediately looked at Evans face, and he was defeated.  Clearly distraught.  Shawn tried all he could to get him excited but he was not stoked.  He is too sweet to say much at the moment, but boy did his body language say it all.  Soon after, as we were driving home, he said...'Mom, I dont care if its a girl.  Ill play with my friends.'  I died.  He had processed it to that point...he will be ok because he will have his boy buddies.  What a great kid. 

Gosh, what a sweet little profile.  I ooooh'd and awed the whole time through this ultrasound...the tech was probably really annoyed.  It was special.  I have a more clear understanding of what a true miracle it is to hear that your baby looks healthy.  That everything looks great.  I know this perspective comes from personal and vicarious experiences, but what a real miracle it is. 

I love this shot.  Little bellybutton, legs stretching.  She was moving everywhere and it was amazing.  I love feeling every single movement she makes, but to see it was even better.  She was tucked up in a little ball with the bottom of her two little feet together, then she took this big stretch.  I love it.

Little fingers and toes...they are beautiful.

Raegan loved this one.  She is playing peek-a-boo.  Her little arms are up and her hands covering her little face. Its unbelievable, really.  To see this little living human growing inside MY belly.  Where are the words?!?!  Its the greatest gift on Earth.  I am so so so so excited for this little one to join us.  That is what I pray for, that we can have the chance to enjoy this precious little miracle here on Earth.  That I can have the chance to love, protect, and provide for this most innocent and sacred gift.  I feel so blessed.  I love her so much already. 

Cant wait to meet you baby girl.


Tracie said...

She's beautiful.

Laci said...

Those really are great pics!!! SO excited for you guys and can't wait to have cousins so close together again!! Love you!

Buckland Family said...

Yay! I am so excited for you! It got be a little teary when I read Evan say I will just play with my friends. What a great kid.

Jamie said...

Those pics are great! Can't wait to meet this little one soon :)