Friday, May 06, 2011

Happy Birthday Rae!!!!

As many of you know, yesterday was our little Raegan's birthday. We will be celebrating with family and friends on Saturday but we wanted to do a few things on "her" day. Shawn teaches an Urban Fishing Class every Thursday night from 6-8p.m. Raegan is in the class as well as 5 other kids in his group. Essentially he spends the whole time baiting hooks and trying to convince the kids to leave the bait in the water since they instantly want to start reeling in the line. Anyways...we asked Rae if she wanted to go to a restaurant of her choice (Dad would have found a sub) or did she want to go fishing with Dad. What a proud Papa!!!! No choice at all. Rae wanted to fish!!! She had her best day fishing ever. Caught 6 fish...6 fish for a new 6 year old. (Shawn is certain she caught 5 but does admit he probably lost count since he is such a great mathematician. So 6 rainbow trout for little Raegan on her bday.) She loves her fishing class and got home telling Mom..."maybe we should just have everyone meet here for my birthday and we can just go fishing instead of a party." True story. We love you Rae!!!! You are a sweet, beautiful little girl who lights up our life.


Arden said...

She sure is my "rae" of sunshine. I love her so much!

Jamie said...

How fun! I used to be quite the fisherman myself. I loved it and was my dad's "son" for most of my childhood. Happy birthday Rae!