Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Well, its really sad that this is the only new picture I have on my camera since my last post...but it tells one story of the past few weeks. It tells the horror story of last week:)...but let me start with the good stuff...

So, two weeks ago, we had a great spring break. Not that its much different for us cause Raegan is only in school for 2 hours each morning, but I made it a goal to do something with the kids, outside the normal routine, every day of spring make it a different week...and that goal was MET! YA!

Monday: Park with was a beautiful day. So beautiful that Mayci got FRIED! Love the spingtime sunburns...always catches me off guard.

Tuesday: Lehi Pool. Blast for the kids...not so awesome for me:) Its just not the same with no sun...I seemed to focus on what could possibly be floating in that water, and just how much chlorine my kids ingest:) Im a bit more distracted with the sun beating on me...and maybe think the rays are zapping all the lovely germs swimming with us!

Wednesday and Thursday: Jump on it...and SLEEP OVER (for Rae atleast) at Aunt Laci's. Thank you Laci and Company for making Rae feel so loved and special. It means so much to me to have you guys take her in the way you do. Truly a blessing!

Friday and Saturday: Park in Alpine with my family. It was so beautiful...we even enjoyed some soccer free play. It was so great.

The week flew, and it was so so so fun to be with cousins and family ALL WEEK LONG. I didnt want to part from it. Im so blessed to be so close to Shawns family as well as my own. It made for a great our everyday schedule:)

Then, I guess with every flower...there is a weed. Sunday, after playing hard all week, Rae threw up all night. Stayed home from school Monday. Tuesday, I got home from the gym that night and immediately felt sick. Sure enough, I started to barf. Then I heard Evan get out of his bed about an hour after I got sick, and he was sick. Barfing. And then...through the night, as I was barfing with Evan by my side feeling sweet sweet little mayci started coughing. Just coughing. So I sent Shawn in there, and sure enough, she barfed. Long gross story short... Evan, Mayci, and I all came down with the flu and felt terrible Tues night and Wednesday. Shawn was a ticking time bomb, and just when we thought he was safe...outta the woods, he got it. Thursday night.

Needless to say, when it rains it pours, and last week was awful! BUT... we all recovered and had a wonderful weekend filled with family and Easter. Saturday, my mom had everyone over for food, hunts, and goodie baskets (she ceases to amaze me)! Saturday night we met family at the BYU mens volleyball game. Sunday, we FINALLY made our way up to Gingers for Easter, and it was fantastic. Good food. Good company. What more can you ask for?! Thank you Ginger and Ryan and everyone else who brought us all together! It was so nice.

As I stated at the beginning, the only day I captured in the last few weeks is that one of Evan. Sick. Asleep on the couch. Sad. But, amidst that one awful gross and stinky week, we had some really nice days with family and friends, and I couldn't be more blessed to have the family I was born into, and the family I married into, surround me. I love you all so much and I thank you for making my life happy.

I thank my Heavens above every single night for what I have. I find my quiet moments every now and then (usually when I peek in at each one of my kids sleeping before I head off to bed) and marvel at how blessed I have been, beginning with my kids and my other half.. How did I get so lucky, so blessed? I dont know. But I am. I love my life and I should never ever ever...complain. Ever.


Arden said...

and don't you forget it. you are a dream and so proud you're are my daughter!

Jamie said...

Sounds a bit like my last few weeks. Sorry you were sick, but glad we could see you for Easter. Jake caught the flu too. We need to get together and plan our Vegas trip! Birthday/BonVoage Bash!!

Olmsteads said...

We are the lucky, blessed ones with you, Farrah in our family. Loved the Easter weekend filled with laughing, food and fun...