Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Evan

Shawn wasn't sure what to get Evan for his birthday. You can always get another toy that will be in the trash within a month but that gets old. Shawn has a collection of autographs that his Dad got growing up around volleyball legends. Letters from Karch Kiraly and Sinjin Smith just to name a few. When the Sports Illustrated cover below came out Shawn thought it would be cool to have Jimmer sign it for Evan. It probably won't mean much right now to Evan but we will have it framed and in his room from his Dad.

Can you think of a better place to spend your birthday? Didn't think so...we'll be back down there bright and early tomorrow. What a life :)

We love you Evan. Funny story tonight. Evan and Raegan are sleeping in the same room on a couple of mats on the floor. Shawn brushed their teeth and tucked them in. They were having a fun Sunday with a BBQ, walk down to the seal rookery (there were 130 seals on the beach while we were there), another BBQ and baseball at Tia Carlina's house and some play time with some lizards caught down at the beach which caused them to be a bit overtired. You know what that means...not the easiest to get in bed. So about 3 minutes after Shawn left the room he heard Evan yell for him so he charges in the room and throws on the lights ready to put someone on timeout when Evan says..."Dad, you forgot the prayer." Can you get mad at that? No way. We love you Evan. You are the man!!!!


Arden said...

His picture, oh my gosh. I love him so much and he is so amazingly cute. I almost got in the car yesterday and drove down there. I feel like we lost a month of summer already. oh well love you all!

Jamie said...

You know what's awesome? Finding out that you guys are in California via your blog??!! Nice! Wish we were there! June 24th can't come quick enough!!