Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Farrah!!! Big 30....Good times!! Leaving California...not good times :(

What more can you say about Farrah that isn't already said? She is the best!!! A wonderful Mother, Daughter, Friend, wife, Sister, Sister-in-law..... We spent the ENTIRE day at the beach to celebrate. She had a blast paddle-boarding and tanning. I could go on and on about Farrah but you guys know how long that would take. She is a do-it-all Mother who loves her family, friends and neighbors.

I didn't upload these pictures in the correct order. Farrah decided that she would get out on the paddle-board. She has spent the week laying around and chasing the kids. Here is the end result. She did really good and only had one spill. We came down to the beach every single day we were here other than one day that we went over the mountains to the Santa Ynez River to visit the White Rock swimming hole. My family used to head up there for FHE all the time. We would pack dinner and swim the afternoon away and head back home. So many cool memories. We will upload those pictures later.

No that is not a shark. Farrah got to spend some time with the dolphins who were swimming all around her the whole time she was out there. A few got within feet and sort of freaked her out. No big deal....just another day in paradise a.k.a. Carpinteria. :)

Cool shot of Farrah and I paddling out with the islands in the distance.

Don't hate!!!....

Farrah sunning while Brion keeps the little ones occupied. He was a stud and the kids absolutely worship him. No lie. And wait until you see the family photos we took yesterday up at Toro Canyon Park. He is a phenomenal photographer and better guy. Really..!!!!

Brion and Grandma Trudy living the rough life.

Not so sure Evan is stoked to take this picture.

At the beach bright and early...

This is the bluffs in Carpinteria. We took our family photos out here last year but this year we went out there to catch lizards and see the seals.

Quick story about the lizard hanging by a noose. Our first Sunday here in Carp we went down to the bluffs to see the seal rookery. I spotted a few lizards and decided I would attempt to catch a few for Raegan. I told Farrah how we used to catch lizards all day long by tying a noose at the end of this long grass, putting it around the lizards neck and have a new lizard friend. Farrah insisted that this was not possible. You know the rest of the story. I caught two that afternoon with my problem. We went back this past Sunday and caught a few more for Raegan to have for the afternoon. (No it's not cruel. I take the noose off first thing.)

Farrah is holding the grass while I grab the lizard.

Nicole and her BFF...Oh yeah. Raegan lost her first tooth out here so the tooth fairy had to make the long trek to visit her here in California. I even heard the tooth fairy is better in Cali... :)


Chris-Jennie "BUG" Smith said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Can't believe you are so old :) Wow, time flies, seems like it was just yesterday that I saw you wearing your hiking boots at soccer camp! Ha ha! You are the best, and I love you so freaking much! My life would not be the same without you! The best friend I could ask for! Happy Happy Birthday my fuzzy friend!

shawnandfarrah said...
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Olmsteads said...

You forgot to mention that Farrah is an amazing "Daughter"-in-law. We loved your visit and are so grateful for beautiful weather.

Arden said...

You are all so lucky to live in such a beautiful place and thanks for the pictures since we didn't get to celebrate with her it does help to see her smiling face. can't wait to see you all! even you shawn!

Jamie said... need to teach Jake how to do blog posts. I love it! That lizard catching thing is'll have to try it in Lake Powell the next time we go! And Brecklyn is gonna be so jealous of Rae losing her first tooth. Oh, and I hear everything's better in Cali, not just the tooth fairy ;)

Happy Birthday...dirty thirty! I'm excited for our little weekend away :) You're the best, Farrah!

Auntie Elaine said...

Thanks for the blog updates - SO fun to catch up with your sweet family!! We love you lots!! :-)