Friday, May 13, 2011

First for everything...

I just have to thank my kids for being patient with me. My little Rae is now in Kindergarten, has now made a ton of friends and been to a ton of birthday parties, and now understands....what a 'real' party means. So, needless to say, she had to wait till 6 to get a real party. Meaning, I actually had invitations, and I even had little treat bags! I know, Im so proud of me too:) Raegan hates princesses, but loves tangeled. So that was the 'theme'...


does there always have to be a theme?!


And here they are, opening gifts. The kids progressively got closer and closer to Rae as each gift was given....practically sufficating her. But she loved it.

This is how it began...with some order to the madness:) All the kids sitting. Patiently. Not for long as the above pictures prove!
Cake time....and yes....I even had the right amount of candles. In fact, enough for 6 on both cakes. And yes, you read that right. I made 2 cakes, AND cupcakes....that I let Rae and Evan decorate. I know, Im proud of me too:)

its a start, right?!

**Where's Waldo?? The girl picking her nose? Can you spot her? HA! Love it.**

Rae's requested games: Duck Duck Goose. And Red Rover.

striking...isnt she.

All in all, it was a birthday bash, and Rae was out of her mind excited. Finally. She got the real deal. It was perfect....well almost perfect....up until I thought we had lost someone. Her dad came to pick her up. We swept through the house calling her name, checked 2-3 times outside. She was nowhere. And I was hyperventilating. Parents worst nightmare was unfolding. Right before I approached her dad to ask him if its normal for her to wander off...UGH!...I thought of sweeping through one more time....thoroughly....myself. So, upstairs, Im going into each room, and as Im walking into one, I see the closet rumble a little and hear what sounds like velcro behind the closed closet door. So...she was hiding in the closet, and when I finally got to her...I almost spanked her (not really)! What the heck?! HEART ATTACK. Thats what she just gave me, and little did she know. She just strolled out the door hand in hand with her dad as I honestly thought my heart was gonna jump from my chest.

So, aside from that was amazing. Thank you everyone! Thank you for making this such a special day for my special girl. It was memorable.

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Arden said...

Farrah, it is me your mom. i have noi contact with anyone cause no phone service. Kel and i are both sort of sick. Miss you all and love you. mom