Tuesday, September 13, 2011

bravest. courageous. heroes i have veiwed a few episodes and specials that have been airing lately and have shed many many tears in doing so. i wonder to myself 'why am i doing this' and i answer it by saying 'i would want others to hear my story and cry with me.'

i feel a real surge of pain for all those families who have lost a loved one in this tragic event and am in complete awe of those brave men and women who charged TOWARD rather than away the catastophe and fires. who RAN up those flights of stairs rather than down. all in the name of sacrifice, bravery, compassion, duty, and real true heroism.

God Bless.


Laci said...

You are stronger than me. I tend to listen to a teeny bit and then change the channel....it's too much to take in and imagine. BUT, that doesn't discount the fact that everyONE of them are my heros!! So so sad and tragic! Loveyou!

Paula said...

Well said Farrs! I loved how each and everyone of us was sucked in on Sunday. XOXO!

Rachel said...

It is so hard to believe that actually happened. Watching those clips, it feels like armageddon or something. Totally horrific and incredibly sad. Love u

Arden said...

Farrs, so good to catch up and see new pics of you all, loved them so much! couldn't watch too much, i am still affected by it and i remember too much sometimes, but God Bless America and all of it's selfless heroes!

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