Tuesday, September 06, 2011

My sweet little Raegan is feeling the effects of her dad being gone so much. She cries at LEAST once a day for him. Wants him to come home. Wishes I were daddy. Wishes I was like daddy. And many more things she cries out when she is missing her dad. Two quotes from her during these moments of anguish turned my stomach and stung my eyes:


"Mom, I wish I was in Kindergarten again and not First grade so I could be home with dad...cause then I could be home early to see him."


"I wish we could have 2 daddy's. One that could go to work and the other one that could stay home"

To which I wanted to reply....'well, that DOES happen!" HA HA HA!

There has always been an undeniably special bond between Rae and her dad, and Ive always seen it. But now I am hearing of it straight from her precious little lips. Try as I might, I explain why dad HAS to work, and what would happen if he didn't. I have tried to warn her of his schedule right now and of his new job and its requirements, but she just wants her dad. Plain and simple.

Its bitter sweet.

Bitter...because she truly does long for him.

Sweet....because she truly does long for him.


Jamie said...

In a small way I can relate. It's a weekly occurance for us to have dad gone too...not as far, and not as long, but I really get it Farrah. That's why you need to move closer and you and I can rely on each other. I hate telling Logan "dad's in St. George...again". Everytime I do, he gets frustrated. So I get it. I've honestly been PRAYING for your home to sell quick!

Zenica said...

There is truly something special between a Dad and a daughter. Just last week Alex told me the same thing about wishing she had two Dads, one to work and one to stay home with her. Ryan isn't even out of town, I got the feeling she was just sick of me that day. I hope every thing goes well for you guys. Take care.