Saturday, September 10, 2011



What a big day for this little guy. He was so excited right up until I had to say good-bye...then he got a little nervous and clutched a little tighter to my hand.

I led him to the teacher, Miss Karen, who is so awesome, and told Evan she knows some secret toys he can play with.

He jumped from my arm to hers...and off they went.

What a joy.

It was hard for me to leave though. I stood outside the door just to wait and see if he would turn his head one last time looking for mommy. He did. So I waved. Then he waved with his brave but nervous grin. And THATS where I almost cracked...but I didn't. I walked back to the car hand in hand with my little Mayci. Met up with Becca. And enjoyed the most delicous MiMi's Cafe breakfast ever.

It was a grand day. And Evan cant stop asking when he gets to go to school again.


ryanandginger said...

Way to go Evan! ........ and mommy :)

Laci said...

And just like that....they are growing up!! Don't blink or they'll be in Middle School!! So glad he enjoyed it!! :)

Becca said...

still dreaming about that breakfast :) so delicious. i wanna squeeze that kid!!! so freaking cute.

Jamie said...

AWW...he's so cute. It's so bittersweet when they go to school. On the one hand, it's sad that they're growing up...but then when you get a whole morning to yourself, it's magic!!