Wednesday, October 05, 2011

just an announcement. well, 2 announcements and 1 invitation.

announcement #1:

we are moving. on saturday.


you are cordially invited to join us on saturday,

October 8, 2011,

for a guaranteed laugh and good time...

loading furniture:)

announcement #2:

im pregnant. 8 weeks or so.




Arden said...

oh good, now the people i told not to tell you i told them can pretend they are excited but not really pretend because i am sure all are excited! HUH?

Laci said...

SO excited!!! You are as crazy as me popping those babies out! Love you and can't wait to be NEIGHBORS!!! Yippee!!

Laci said...

Brian just said he's glad SLO got one last hoorah before the season started....hence the babe growing in your belly! He's hilarious! :)

Jamie said...

You're mom really didn't tell me. I really just knew, cuz I have espn. Love you! And we'll be there to help :)

Justin M. Bowen said...

Farrs, congrats! I am so excited for you guys! Are you heading to highland then? Wow so awesome. I loved your invite. We are moving soon too and I think I might have to cordially invite a few lucky friends as well!!!

Ann Mitchell said...

Love your blog...and seeing you around.

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