Monday, May 26, 2008

Repel and Zipline

This was an adventurous day. I have to admit that my whole life I always counted myself among the so-called 'dare devils' by being fearless with cliff jumping at lake powell at anybody's command, tubing at incredible speeds behind the ski boat, snowboarding with pro's, attempting any trick of the high dive, basically trying anything that would seem dangerous to a mother. But, in each of those moments that required heights, I am brave enough to admit now that I am and always have been terrified of heights. Repelling was great and that wasn't scary at all for me. Maybe it's because of the secure straps and harness as well as being able to place your feet on a solid surface...but the heart was racing the whole time. I did it, but as I hiked up the homemade steps to the starting line, I could feel the fear in me rush straight to my pounding heart. The staircase that was made out of wood wobbled and swayed every inch I crawled. That, climbing to my death, was for sure the worst part. Once I was secured in my harness, I tried to enjoy the flying as I zipped through the trees from one station to the next. Once I got past the fear, it was exhilarating. I looked up into the sky as I stretched out and realized this has to be how it feels to actually fly. I don't know, maybe now that I am in the 'mother seat' fears are recognized and caution is more important. In the end, I survived and was grateful to have done it. PS If any of you are wondering who that is being swallowed up by the waterfall...that would be me. If you ever go repelling don't where crocs...too slippery:)

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