Monday, May 26, 2008

National Geographic

Call me a dork, but all through high school I dreamed of being a photographer. I was never that good and I still am not, but that's what dreams are for...right. So, I kept teasing Shawn about how these pictures were 'National Geographic' material. It was a joke though. Regardless, I was so intrigued with this village we drove through to get to the zipline. We rode on this bus-like trailer that was totally open with no roof or walls. We rode on red dirt and past through neighborhoods of shacks, but come to find out, these were no shacks and these people were considered 'well off'. They had electricity and running water, but what I saw was amazing. So simple, the way these people live. They enjoy life. With each other. On bikes, scooters, walking, sitting in front of their homes, sharing mate. Everywhere they go they share mate. It is their culture. I actually fell in love with their culture. Like I said, simple people that enjoy each other...refreshing. Shawn kept saying how naturally beautiful the argentine women are, that so many consider them the most beautiful in the world. I have to admit, though not without jealousy, they really are. And it's not just the women:) I felt so out of place with just the little make-up I where. They are so original to. You never see the same pair of pants on any of them. So different from here...jeans. It really was refreshing to be among people who don't value appearance as number one, and maybe that is due to their natural beauty. Anyway, here are my National Geo shots of the trip. I appreciated them, hope you do! Oh and might I add, all of these were taken from the moving truck impressed;)

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I'm Natalie. said...

The second picture down is AWESOME!

How fun for you guys!!

And Farrah, I could SO see you as a photographer!!