Monday, May 26, 2008


The highlight of our trip was Iguazu. The pictures don't give this place any justice...but I tried. It was unbelievable. Mountains of the most magnificent waterfalls surrounded us as we hiked in and out of the mountain side down to our destination...THE BOAT RIDE INTO THE WATERFALLS! It truly was magestic. How powerful mother nature is. As I watched the thunderous waterfalls and felt the mist splash up from the unseen bottoms, I gained a new appreciation for the power of and creation of mother nature. You had to yell to be heard. I was remarkable! The boat ride was so fun. We were thrust right into the waterfalls, soaked from head to toe. At times I really got a little knot in my stomach thinking the waterfall was going to suck us in and never spit us back out...but I guess that was the point...the whole thrill of it. It was awesome.

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