Monday, May 26, 2008


We stopped at the temple on our way to the airport but we weren't allowed in so we snapped a few pics from the grounds. It was beautiful. If you look closely at the picture that looks like a trail in the grass, that would be the ant highway. We hiked out of Iguazu through the park where Indians were selling their goods and came across a Tucan, but as we were crossing the grassy area, I noticed all these little trails, only about 1/2 in thick. I squat down and noticed hundreds of enormous ants working hard, carrying their timber (leaves) to make there homes or for food or whatever, but it was so cool. It literally was a little army of ants at work on their highways. The blurry sunset is pretty eh. We were stranded for about 6 hours at a check point, and as a few of us decided to enjoy the sunset outside the bus, I tried to catch it but was a little late. This is what was left of the magical sunset:)

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