Friday, November 01, 2013

When dad is away...

...we fit it ALL in!
The good.  The bad.  And the ugly. the GOOD.
I hate that Shawn has to miss events such as these.
Evan is completely in Heaven out there on the court.
It makes my heart so happy to watch him, so into it, and so happy.
Major perk to my job are moments such as these. the ugly.
This is my company when all the rest of the kids are down.
I don't mind it...
one. bit.

When dad is away...
I chop all my hair off.
Like a boy.
And my face says it all.
A little unsure about it this time 'round : )
Best thing about hair...
it grows back!

Mom gets to work really hard to make moments such as these.
As Ever.

The BAD!
Fits.  Time-outs.
Finding apology letters such as these : )

Car rides.
Still hates them.

Rocked to sleep in the swing.
In the last bits of perfect weather.
While the others enjoy their bikes.  On dirt jumps.  In a beautiful place called Park City.

As I mentioned earlier,
A LOT of work.
But every now and then its majorly worth it.

These last few weeks have been tiring,
Shawn has been gone a lot.
My kids all really missed him.
It hurts my heart when they cry for him.
It gets stressful and I get on edge and we all get a little cranky when he leaves,
but I have to document the good moments that DO happen.
And I hope these are the moments that stand out when my kids grow.
I hope they can one day appreciate the efforts and hard work that it is to make them happen.
At this point,
that is my major motivation to do anything but sit on my butt.
At home.
And do nothing.
A lot easier.
But not as rewarding!!

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