Wednesday, November 20, 2013

48 Hours in St George

There is nothing like Go-Carts to take you back to the good ol' days.

How can you NOT celebrate?!!
The weather was perfect.
The crowd was amazing.
And the biking was Heavenly. 
Rearin' to go...

I wasn't going to make this happen when considering Shawn's schedule, but once I realized that it was quite possible with some help from a babysitter and an early Vball game on Saturday...I gave it a shot.
And it happened!!!
We have a really awesome ward with some great girls at great ages ready and willing to babysit anytime.  My kids requested a particular gal, and she was open.  She came Saturday morning while Shawn was at his game that started at a very unusual hour of 11am so he was home by 2pm to take over....
and spend some good quality time with the kids ; )
It was a good role reversal.  Necessary every once in a while...and dad did a GREAT job.

We left late Friday.  Came home before the kids were in bed Sunday.
It was a very short trip...but it was so perfect.
We ate out.  Rode bikes.  Raced go-carts.  Played tennis,  And laughed...A LOT!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible.
Karalee and Scott for cheering Evan on in his Bball game (and the snap chat of his play: )
And a big thanks to Shawn who is always encouraging me to GO.
Its always nice to know that while I am gone he is supportive, but also that he is there with the kids spending some MUCH needed time with them...considering how much he is away from them.

I love my job as a mom.  I am so so blessed to be able to stay at home with my kids.  I wouldn't want it any other way.  Truly.
 Although...a trip like this reminds me that I AM more than a mom.  And I CAN do more than be a mom.  For how long...Im sure its short lived?!  My injured mortal body has already taken soccer out of the picture.  But more than that,  I know as my kids get older and busier, life will be wrapped around their schedules.  Life changes.  Phases come and go and come again.  And plans that you think you have Im sure just fly right out the window.  So for now, I will take a solo ride when life opens up and offers it.  And when it doesn't,  I will continue to work hard at planting in my kids a love of the outside world in hopes that as they grow and get older, they will want to run off with their best friends,
and enjoy it with them.
As I did this last weekend.
I hope and pray that this will take the place of all that other yucky stuff out there that 'claims' to be a 'high'.
An 'adrenaline rush'.
Or 'fun'.

I hope that when they are searching for a 'high'
that they will know right where to find it.
Out on the grass in a field with a ball.
On the court.
In the mountains with a bike.  Or a fire.
On a piece of paper with watercolors.  Or a pen,
On the ski slopes, or behind a boat.

Thats where its at.

To soak in the sun and just breath in the fresh air while zipping down a trail on a bike...
A highlight!

I hope my plans work : )

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Auntie Elaine said...

I'm SOOOOO glad this worked out for ALL of your family. Sounds like the trip served many purposes! HUGS to all!