Friday, November 01, 2013


Halloween was a HIT this year.
So glad my kids chose something I could whip up from old clothes and sheets...
minus one...
but I don't mind buying a costume for Mayci each year because she actually plays dress-up! 
Heather was serious about her costume.
Props to her...she was pretty creepy looking.
Heathers fangs fit.
Evans.  A little large.
(PS I hate those fake full mouth fangs with all my heart!  Woke up the following morning to find them lying in a pool of slobber on the table.  They are straight up nasty.  Our garbage likes them)

Cant have Halloween without the Fall Festival.
I learned my lesson last year and with the help of some willing and amazing older cousins,
I sent them away while they enjoyed and I chilled...
I was kind enough to make an appearance for the remaining 30 minutes.
Big thanks to Izzy and Madi LOU!!


The 'trunk-or-treat' crew.
Hard core. 
This is what you get when mom is cheap.
Pretty amazing if I say so myself!

Richard Simmons.
And his lady friend.
Love these two.

Best friends/cousins.

Two babies braving the 'Halloween Parade'.
I sure wish Wes was content as he in a stroller : )

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