Monday, October 21, 2013


Witch festival.
Kids like it.
But they like whatever when they are with cousins/friends :)
I love my family.  I don't know if I have a picture with just my kids : /
I stared at this one for a while.
I am beyond blessed.
* Evan struggled to get his arm over the witches extra large bust.  But he was determined and would have done so if it turned him around backwards! *

This, here, was taken at our ward party.
This girl is adorable.  Shawn and I have her in our class.  She is OB...SESSED with Wesly.
She snatched her from my arms and off she went.  Her mom has become a good friend of mine.  They were so excited to sneak away and get her face painted.  I think she looks pretty cute in blue : )
Side note:
I whipped up a batch of chili with no knowledge that it was THEE annual chili cook off competition.
I had the #1 award winning chili.
I died.
But I must say so was pretty darn good.
And so easy.
I googled a white chicken chili.
The one that popped up happened to have all the ingredients I had on hand.
So that one it was.
Google can now award that chili as the 37th ward award winning chili.
THAT should get them some reviews.
Love google.

I was elevated with some major cooking confidence after winning the chili cook off.
I attempted a squash soup.
Turned out exactly what i looks like...
baby Raegan so kindly described.
My dog wouldn't even have it.
You win lose some.

Just a pic to remind myself to let go.
a table like this would make me go mad.
PS the table looked like this for a good week.  Guess thats what happens when you have a crawling baby who barrels through anything left on the move it to the Mayci so brilliantly discovered. 

Never happens.
Had to document.

Twice in one week...
She is precious.
So is cousins face behind her:)

I say smile.
This is what I get.

I say c'mon
This is what I get.
Evan, Mayci, and I enjoyed dad's volleyball game while Rae and Wes stayed behind with a sitter.
It was awesome.

I love nothing more than finding this at my foot.
She is amazing.

So amazing that I couldn't pick just one.
Thank you collage.

Mayci with her goofy pose to match her goofy smile.
Bless her.
Bless her.
Bless her.

The days following Mayci's tooth extraction I did not say no to her.
She wanted to paint my nails,
and paint my nails we did.
Although she didn't stop at the nail...she did the whole finger tip.
I let her proceed.
Karalee walked in and busted a gut.
She gave me permission to have some limits.
We laughed pretty hard.

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