Saturday, December 28, 2013

Princess Wes...

YES.  That is our garbage can.
She loves to dig into it...every. single. day...
and finds lots of beautiful treasures.
Child lock for garbage cans you say?

Look at that smile.
If I had known, I woulda just asked Santa for her very own!!
Anyone need the crockpot recipe for something sweet...and spicy...all in one?!
Ill eat her for dinner.  She is pretty delicious.

You need WHAT? while I finish dinner?
An ice cream cone it is Princess Wes.

There is a magical world of Disneyland that I don't see under that table.
And EVERY time she emerges from that world...
she has a crown of bruises around her head! 

Oh my dear sweet crazy princess child that has rocked my world in more ways than one!
To sum it up...there is something so ... BIG ... inside that baby body you have.
You demand to be heard.
You demand my attention.
You demand your castle...and everyone that resides in bow down to your roundness and say
"YES...YOUR can I be of service to you this very moment...before your shill a shriek that shatters my eardrums and shakes my brain?!?!?!"

As you demand, I demand too.
I DEMAND to retrieve you from bed!
I get almost giddy when I open your door in the mornings,
to see your bright, lively, loud, happy SOUL spilling at the seams.
And I can't help myself -
I squeeze you...and all your fat fat rolls.
And I demand you let me.
Every day.
All day.
And your cheeks...thats a story in and of itself.
I NEVER EVER want those to go away.
I demand...they are ALL MINE!
Your chubby feet...they fit perfectly in my fist.
And in my fist they go each and every time I hold you in my arms.
Your sausage fingers that are always at work...
except when you sleep...and when they are still...I hold them.  And squish them ever so softly.

And, OH, when you sleep.
My whole heart tightens with a love that doesn't have words.
Its as if your room turns into a sweet little heaven.
Right here in my own home.

Princess Wes.
You are somethin' else...
but you're all mine.
And I am blessed beyond.
I love you.

1 comment:

Olmsteads said...

No...I have a tiny bit of claim to her. She is the sweetest.....even when she demands to be heard!!!!