Wednesday, October 09, 2013

All I want for Christmas...

One day, my sweet Mayci, when you have a child that knocks her teeth out and has to wait only 4 years to get them back, you will see you are not only a witness to the cruelty...

The pictures really speak for themselves.
Heart wrenching.

And bless her in the bottom right picture.  This was how she would smile.
With her eyes only cause...well...
cause she didn't want to move her mouth!
Once our family and friends heard what happened to this precious angel...
we were swarmed with visitors and gifts.
It makes my eyes sting now.
Its times like these when you look to the Heavens in gratitude for family and close friends.
First my sweet brother came over with an oreo shake.  I had to take a picture of the two.  It was so sweet.
Karalee stopped by with an ice cream cone and concern for my whereabouts : )  Swept up a big mess I hadn't gotten to.  And continued to offer her help throughout the day!!
Laci came over with a toy for JoJo and a shirt for Mayci AND Wesly...along with some comforting words with all too familiar stories!
Grandma came with barbie and halloween toys.
A friend took Wesly and wouldn't let me say otherwise.  She was just stopping in to say hi, but could clearly see the anxiety I was experiencing as I was prepping for the dentist appointment.
Rachel called her mother-in-law who happens to be the secretary of our dentist with questions and answers.
And I got many phone calls and messages too.
Im sure Im forgetting a kind gesture,
but bottom line,
we are blessed.
Its in the day to day hustle and bustle that Im sure everyone every now and then gets a little lonely.
Especially as a mother.  During the 'season'.
I am never alone:)
And neither are my kids.
And Im so grateful for that.

*the left picture is the morning after her teeth were pulled.  Raegan helped her read her note from her tooth fairy.  Mayci was thrilled that her tooth fairy named twinkle left her teeth for her to show all her friends.  Raegan has never been so sweet as she has been these past few days with her little sister.  It warms my heart*

Just some more pictures of my precious.  She actually posed like that in the upper left.  It was awesome.  Upper right is how she runs at people that enter our home now.  Bottom left is gross.  And bottom right pretty much makes my heart bleed.  It is right when the dentist finished.  She is resting on my chest trying to make everyone happy in fulfilling their dumb requests to smile.  Its like when the dentist asks you a question when he has both of his fists and numerous tools jammed in your mouth.
She tried.
As I held her tight.
I was a pretty tough cookie and held it together pretty well for the sake of not scaring the crap outta her,
but that night,
when she was sound asleep after ASKING to go to bed,
I propped her up on my lap in her bed,
slowly and gently inserted a syringe of tylenol in her mouth,
then layed with her in my arms and sobbed.

I love my kids.
So so so so so so so much.

Im so glad this wasn't worse than what it was.
I hate longboards.


How this happened in a nutshell:
Mayci was sitting in front of Raegan on the longboard.  As Raegan was slowing she grabbed Mayci on the shoulders.  Anybody that knows Mayci knows...she loses all sense of anything when being tickled.  It tickled her when Rae grabbed her shoulders, and in an effort to abort Raegans tickling clutch, Mayci lunged forward.  Face first in the road.   #1 parent of the year.
Thank you.
And goodbye.

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