Monday, April 15, 2013

Sweet Genius.

Please notice what Evan wanted to add to the list of groceries.  I got a good laugh outta that one.  If you don't spot it right away, it is under the "need" column.  Last item on the list.  HA!!

Evan.  These pictures are for you.  They are proof that although some thought Santa was confused when he brought YOU the kitchen for Christmas, I never found it unusual.  You have had a real passion for the kitchen and everything in it since you could hold a spoon.  Seriously.  Santa knows you well!!
In fact, here I am nurturing that passion.  Giving you all the items you need (everything except your imagination, because you have a HUGE one of those) to make your "Chocolate peanut butter bars".

Then you began reading through the ingredients.  You even read the word 'ingredients'...which made me chuckle.  As a mighty big kindergartner, that word really shouldn't flow so easily from your little mouth...but as I are the next Sweet Genius!!

And then I sat back and watched in pure joy,
and excitement...
thinking maybe its possible
if I keep nourishing this passion,
I will find myself sitting back and watching you...
really baking...
...or dessert
for the family:)

On with the glove and into the oven it goes.  Can't wait to partake!!

Waiting with smiles as we smell the peanut butter and chocolate forming into small cookie bars)

Out they come.  Don't they look delicious?!

They smell even better!!

So there ya have it Ev...PROOF!  That I am, and always will be, your #1 fan.  Even if its cheering you on in the kitchen.  I love you so much bud.
You are so unique in so many ways...
PLEASE stay that way.


Laci said...

Farrah, I demand you stop being so modest! Evan is reading at a 4th grade level and doing that EASILY! He is a super must brag when he can out read his parents!!! GO EV!!!! We love you!

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