Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I love the smile this baby girls puts on my not-so-smiley-all-the-time Rae:)

Experimenting with bows.  I think she is too scrumptious with them on!!

Nothing Sweeter.

Wesly LOVES her big sis.  Loves.  This completely melts me...for all sorts of reasons.

Ok...maybe this one melts me even more...and mostly when I see Raegans look of love.
Frog in the throat:)

We got to replace dad for "Cool guys and Cookies" and eat lunch with Evan at school.    We were lucky enough so sit with his best little buddy too.

A sweet surprise visit from cousin Izzy.  I love this girl.  So much.

Im always there in every picture, just not in every picture:)  Got to be in front of the lens in this one....
Id prefer to be behind.
Its nice, though, to have proof that I did exist when all these pictures were taken.

I heard once from someone that was sick of hearing people say, "I wish there were more hours in a day..." and I can't remember exactly what the annoyed reply was to that statement, but it went something like this:

It isn't that you don't have enough hours in the day...its more what you choose to do with those hours in the day.  

Because I could complain that I didn't have enough time to clean my bathrooms today...
but...clearly I did.  
Instead, I chose to write this novel.  Which has clearly taken time.  
I could complain that I wasn't able to put the heaping loads of folded laundry away...
but...clearly I did.  
Instead I chose to chill on the couch for an hour once the general clean-up was done and kids were asleep.

It goes on.
Down to the millisecond of each day.

Down to the decision of whether to do make-up or hair first? (hair wins first place because you can look half decent if you can get your hair done but can't get to the make-up:)

Or whether to chop the veggies or cook the sausage first? (chop the veggies wins first because u can add cooked sausage anytime-in case the baby wakes up:))


They are so evident when you have babies around.  And thats why I love my babies SO much.

They are my priority, but they also remind me to keep my priorities in check!

And Im so happy my number one priority today was Evan...and having lunch with him today.  It was amazing!  Because he is amazing!! 

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Auntie Elaine said...

Thank you for CHOOSING to use your time to update your blog! I love reading your updates and I love YOU!